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Atlas Air To Fly Special "747" Flight Plan on Final Boeing 747 [N863GT] Delivery Flight

Before leaving Washington State airspace, GTI747's flight plan to KCVG shows it will form the figure of a 747-embossed royal crown over southeast Washington. Aircraft is set to depart KPAE today around 8a PT. See GTI747 on FlightAware. ( More...

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jwmson 25
What a great flight path! So worthy of the last Queen of the Skies.
David Kay 7
Those 90 degree turns must be a challenge!
I'll bet we see 747s in use for many years.
srobak 3
they are a lot bigger than you realize - zoom in and look at the map scale.
WhiteKnight77 6
That was pretty awesome. Sad to see almost the end of an era.
Greer Kemp 6
I will never forget as a young lad in Brisbane, Australia being shown around one of, if not the, first 747s bought by QANTAS. My parent's neighbor and friend was the head of maintenance for QANTAS in Brisbane at the time. I just loved it then and still feel the same now. What a wonderful aircraft.
Very sad to see that this is the last of the breed... I hope she has a long and safe life in our skies!
joe johnson 9
Callsign, "Giant 747", without a doubt.
steve dinnen 4
January, 1974, Iowa college kid heading to Spain for semester abroad. Never been east of Toledo, Ohio, nor on any plane larger than a 727. Flew from ORD to YUL and linked with an Iberian Air 747 bound for Madrid (in those days it ran MEX-YUL-MAD). None of us had ever seen such a monster. You could actually walk around, which I did and surprise, there was an upstairs. And first class! And a stewardess who immediately gave me the boot. Back to steerage, where I had a smoke and discovered the arm rests raised. Popped them all up, laid completely down - on a plane! - there was hardly anyone on board - and caught a few winks until the orange glow of the rising sun came into the cabin.
Great memory, half a century on. Thanks, 747.
iflyfsx 4
So depressing. It's too soon.
Torsten Hoff 5
They are airborne!
James Patterson 2
Now THAT is really cool!
sparkie624 3
That was certainly worth Watching...
Adrian Hunter 1
It's been about 54 years since, as a young UAL A&P working midnights at LAXMM, I got my first look at a PanAm B747; it still excites me to this day when one flies over. We grabbed every piece of equipment we had to drive over by the ancient terminal on Imperial side, marveled at it and wondered how we were going to reach everything. Happy to have had the pleasure to work on them; sorry for all those hasty epiphets I uttered. I didn't get to work on one till after my recall to HNL in '72. That fleet paid our bills on and off for about 30 years. As Bob Hope would sing Thanks for the memories.
fireboy63 1
Holy cow! They drew this symbol just north of where I live (Tri-Cities) - this is so cool! I’m sad I missed it happening in real time; would have been awesome to go up towards Moses Lake and catch at least a few legs of this while it was going on!

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Michael Ragsdale 6
and your point is??
Karl Scribner 3
Good for them!
John Bradburn 3
So you made a living flying 767s but now you are concerned about someone else's carbon footprint?

You have what H. L. Mencken described as "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."


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