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Marine Pilot Receives Distinguished Flying Cross for Safely Landing After 2020 Mid-Air Collision with F-35

Marine KC-130J pilot receives Distinguished Flying Cross for landing safely after collision with F-35 ( More...

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michael hagerty 4
I know this young man’s father well. The whole story, after the accident report is publicly released, will be chilling.
Here’s the audio with ATC and other cooperating civilian aircraft.

A truly remarkable story.
Bill Butler 3
Yep. That'll get your blood pumping! having been involved in many an air refueling "exercise", a couple for real, I know the feeling every time you pull up behind the tanker. And I was the B/N. A-6s
Ron Wroblewski 2
That it took two years to figure that out is simply sad.
DonDengler 3
OO rah!
James Werner 1
Sure would have liked to see a photo of the plane after landing.
Ron Wroblewski 1
There's plenty if you Google.

Missing a few props, one external fuel tank, one IFR pod.. it's pretty awesome


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