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Passenger taken into custody after opening emergency exit and walking on wing of plane

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A United Airlines passenger was taken into custody Thursday morning at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport after opening an aircraft door and walking out onto the wing of the plane while it was taxiing. "A male subject was onboard a plane that was approaching the gate when he pulled the emergency exit and walked out onto the wing of the plane," according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department. "The subject then slid down the wing and onto the… ( עוד...

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hvdctom 5
We now live in a society where there is little or no consequences for an individual's actions. Where too many people only act on what they "demand' is best for themselves. There was a time when the majority lived considering what would work the best for all. I have little hope for this turning around any time soon. There needs to be a collective mandate, personal and governmental, that bad behavior will NOT be tolerated!
John D 1
Wondering if mental health assessments might be needed before getting on an aircraft. Jeebus! WTH is wrong with people.
sparkie624 1
"might be need", more like should be required! Seems like since the Pandemic, it is just an excuse for the looneys to come out of the wood work.
Cleffer -3
The mask mandates were responsible for a lot of this, but now it appears unruly passengers have become "The New Hot Story" for the media.
ADXbear 1
He was taking his assigned seat, window emergency exit! The wing seat are really cheap!
WhiteKnight77 1
Keep fining people who pull such stunts, better yet, give them jail time.

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