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A220 Nearly scrapes its tail on Balked Landing

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Pretty rough balked landing at Minneapolis/St. Paul captured on video. ( עוד...

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Michael Stansfield 2
Looks like very different weather conditions in the aborted landing and the successful landing. I see indications of winds and mist or fog in the first attempt, but weak sunshine in the second attempt.
bentwing60 2
The "You can always go around" accompanying video is not only hilarious, but so true as well. And well worth passin' on and savin' to ones archives. I had Never seen it! As P1 would say, LOL.
Alexander Kocksch 3
On the first landing, upon WOW (weight on wheels) the auto spoilers activated, killing lift, making take off almost impossible. Hence natural reaction of pilots to pull back and raise the nose even further.

Watch the aircraft right wing for the spoilers. As soon as the crew realized the had the lift killing devices deployed and then stowed them, the aircraft immediately lifted off.

Not retracting the spoilers immediately after touchdown caused the extreme nose up attitude on the go around.
Highflyer1950 2
Way too aggressive in pitch control.
Cleffer 1
Could it have been a really big wind gust at the worst time possible?
Victor Engel 1
Seems likely a reaction to almost veering off on the port side.
wx1996 -3
Looks like a pro at work. Avoided the hard nose first landing. Then aggressive nose down to stop the tail strike. Held the plan at the limit. I think that it training of a pro.

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