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Boeing, Airbus executives urge delay in U.S. 5G wireless deployment

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oeing (BA.N) Chief Executive Dave Calhoun and Airbus Americas (AIR.PA) CEO Jeffrey Knittel on Monday urged the Biden administration to delay planned deployment of new 5G wireless services, saying it could harm aviation safety. ( עוד...

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Colin Seftel 7
777 pilot Juan Browne gives a detailed explanation of the problem and its possible implications for flight operations in this 30 minute youtube video:
vector4traffic 6
FAA is wrong here. Trying to get a pass for sloppy altimeter filtering with adjacent bands THAT ARE NOT ASSIGNED TO AVIATION is poor practice.
wx1996 12
Lobbyist did a job on FCC rule making and frequency assignment for the Cell companies If the FCC stood their ground we would be here today.

I wish someone with the detailed technical knowledge would explain it is not all of 5G that is the problem. If I understand correctly, there are over 7 frequency bands where 5G is planned to be deployed. There are only 2 of the frequency bands that are the problem as the FCC allowed them to be to close and slightly over lap with frequencies assigned to aviation functions. The other problem the FCC lowered the standard for 5G of frequency bleed-over. They need to keep the cellphone systems engineered as clean and frequency tight as they require aviation systems. The biggest problem is for Verizon who owns most the the frequency space across the country that is next to the Aviation spectrum assignment. For sure 5G should be fixed and specific 5G frequency towers should be prohibited within 15-20 miles of aviation systems, navaids etc., approach paths and away from airports. Good news for the 5G cellphones functions there are alternative spectrum assignment they can use that will not interfere with aviation.
linbb 7
This almost happened with Light Speed and GPS got caught before it happened. Was being pushed by politicians as I think back and almost went on line. FCC didnt do there job on that one and looks the same for this one too. One crash of and AC and who will pay for it? The survivors of the dead.
Anthony Fiti 1
It isn’t all 5G that is the problem.

If they were deploying LTE in the C-Band spectrum we would still have the same problem.

The FAA says that cell towers are too powerful and might interfere with radio altimeters.

It wasn’t a problem before because C-Band originated from satellites 23,000 miles up and needed big dishes to amplify the signal to something usable. The signal was overall weaker.

The FAA is going to need to tell the manufacturers of the altimeters to spend the extra few bucks and put better RF filters in so they can block the signals in adjacent bands.
Larry Clark 5
This is not just an "airliner" issue. It impacts all segments of aviation including the military. Flying MEDEVAC helicopters to an accident scene on a freeway, or landing at small hospitals and clinics in remote areas, my RADALT is a very important aid. Enroute at low level, I rely on TAWS to avoid CFIT. 5G will impact these flights day or night, VFR or IFR.
Robert Lewis 2
“Wireless industry group CTIA said 5G is safe and accused the aviation industry of fearmongering and distorting facts.”

Does CTIA have any theories on what would be the aviation industry’s interest, other than safety concerns, in fearmongering and distorting facts? I suspect not.

I can foresee this being the subject of an episode on “Air Disasters”.
Mike Williams 2
Good luck all as time and the experience of problems will be in history's books.
Jaime Terrassa 1
they are already working on a 6g
avionik99 1
Correction FAA
avionik99 1
Isn't 5G already in play around the world with absolutely no issues? Isn't this just FCC still embarrassed over the last fiasco and just not wanting to be caught with their pants down once again?
Michael Yentzer 1
The 5G issue may be the same issue that the Airlines and Air Freight busniss that they face with over Automation of flight controls. It will likely take a decade or 2 to clear up how 5g and other Cell phone/Smart phone signals impact aircraft instrumentation including computerized flight controls. The worse part about the sorting out is that 100s if not 1000s of lives maybe part of the sorting. As self-driving cars begin to enter the market 5G may also impact the safety of the AI and Auto systems in Auto Cars too. I see departments like ICC, FAA, FCC all having a hand in sorting this 5G issue out, but it has to happen fast or People in the air and on the ground will pay with their lives.
Jim Allen 0
No sympathy for Boeing. You didn’t want government oversight? Well, now shield your systems because the decision was made without you.
Paul Wisgerhof 0
They could switch to LIDAR and be done with it. Accuracy is 15cm vertically and 40cm horizontally. That is better than most radio altimeters.
Colin Seftel 4
LiDAR works with light which would be as useless as the human eye for CAT II or III landings.
Paul Wisgerhof 0
Not with the new equipment developed at Stanford University. It can penetrate a 1" thick piece of foam rubber. Oh, yeah, and flir systems work well, too.
Ray Hyland 3
FLIR can not see through rain or fog.

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