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Collins Aerospace advances connected aviation with FlightAware

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Collins Aerospace announced it has completed the acquisition of FlightAware, a leading digital aviation company providing global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics and decision-making tools. ( עוד...

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Cleffer 13
Standby for the loss of functionality and privledges.
sparkie624 6
You got that right!
Mike Mohle 5
Paywall in 3, 2, 1.......
sparkie624 3
I personally think that is data they want and most all of that data is free because the ones of us with the PiAware paid for it and they really pay nothing for it except giving us slightly better than free service.
Peter Hardley-Nice 3
If they do, the network of feeders that have bought the equipment (raspberry pis, dongles, antenna) out of their own pockets will vanish.
Kent Drotar 3
Pity they sold out. Now the creativity and responsiveness will be lost.
sparkie624 7
I kind of hate to see this... Flightaware has done a great job, I cannot see them doing anything but striping its technology.
Jranderson777 2
There seem to be lots of negative comments but let’s give them some time and see what shakes out. If we don’t like the direction FA is headed then it’s pretty easy for us to pivot to adsbexchange. The code that runs on your Pi is all open source, so that’s not going away, although enhancements and fixes may or may not be impacted. Give them time to sort though the integration of the two companies and then decide.
Joe Keifer 2
Are we going to have to pay to play in the future?
Steve Horn 2
I guess it's possible all the negative commenters will be proved correct, but I think I would give it time. They bought it for what it is and kept the leadership. We can at least hope they are smart enough to grow it and not kill it.
ADXbear 3
Never a good thing for the average bird watcher.. here come the fees and subscriptions.. time for a new developer!
Doug Dornbos 1
My distrust of free services on the web is growing. If this ends up costing me money that is in keeping with its usefulness to me, I see nothing but good in that. I would almost always be willing to pay my way to zero ads and zero data mining.
Seb Seb 1
If this is similar to other app/software "acquisitions" then probably no good will come of this.
MrTommy 1
Reading the description of Collins Aerospace sounded like gobbledygook to me.
ed lang 1
I agree, FA will pivot away from the amazing platform it is today.
bentwing60 1
A prime example of the MIC buying the cake and eating it too!

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