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Southwest Airlines faces fifth day of delays, cancellations

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Southwest Airlines continued to cancel and delay a handful of flights Tuesday although it expects "exponential improvement by the hour." ( עוד...

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ADXbear 7
This is so much BS on Fkorida weather.. I live near MCO and fly the state in my C182. IM ABLE TO FLY AND LAND IN ANY OF THE MAJOR FLORIDA CITES FOR THE LAST WEEK UNDER NORMAL IFR procedures.
sparkie624 4
I think SWA as for an "Excuse" Department! What ever comes up, they just make up and excuse and expect everyone to believe it.
patrick baker 4
by process of elimination, the causes of this pitiful performance may be discerned. No other carriers had performances of this low quality, even though they operate within the same weather and air traffic control systems.Hmm.. What could possibly be different, except the management and procedures and labor relations within southwest airlines. Those must be the culprits Fess up gary....
sparkie624 3
I wonder how much all of these Delays and Cancellations have cost them?
Charlie Roberts 3
There used to be OLD info that the average delay was around $30K and cancellation was around $50K. I'm sure those are significantly lower than the actual costs, today
Roy Hunte 3
Herb Kelleher must be turning over in his grave.
It seems like current management is running Southwest into the ground.

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