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Delta is months away from debuting its new $3.9 billion terminal at New York's LaGuardia Airport with 37 gates and its largest lounge ever

Delta Air Lines is two years ahead of schedule on its new terminal construction at New York's LaGuardia Airport. ( More...

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rebomar 6
"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard. Our new terminal will allow us to depart from the gate on time. Unfortunately we will be number 37 for takeoff".
s2v8377 2
The new LGA if it's Terminal B or the new Delta terminal featured in this article is possibly the most poorly planned aviation project in history. The gates take forever to get to and you have to go up and down up and down with not enough escalators, and that's if they're working. A short walk to security and the gates in the old Terminal B are long gone. A 5 minute walk not counting security would take you from curbside to Gate D10 the farthest gate on AA's Concourse D, for example if you weren't checking any bags.

Other than some alleyway and ramp improvements nothing has been done to improve LGA's ATC flow, runways, taxiways, or taxiway configuration. RW 31 still does not have an ILS approach. RW 4's ILS approach minimums are still very restrictive operationally because of the high minimums. Also I'd like to meet the idiot that thinks virtual Ramp Towers are a good idea.

So basically you're still screwed flying in and out of LGA with fancy impractical terminals!!!
Pecos Llama 2
All aboard the Premature Hype Train! Toot toot!


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