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Delta CEO Sees a Place for Boeing’s 737 MAX in Fleet

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Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian sees a “place” for the Boeing 737 Max at the carrier as it looks for opportunistic deals to reshape its fleet over the next decade. This would be Delta’s first major Boeing order in a decade. ( עוד...

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mbrews 2
- Looks like a simple negotiating ploy. Delta has been all-in with Airbus orders in past few years.

The ploy now teases Boeing to be a "straw man" bidder, to improve the final price Delta pays for some Airbus products
Mark Ryalls 1
It is about time. Quit funding Airbus.
Mathew Thieneman 5
Then Boeing needs to build better airplanes. Boeing has promised a 757 and 767 replacement for decades now and failed to deliver, even after removing them from production. Airbus isn't beating Boeing in many of these airplane markets because they simply make the better airplane, but because they make the ONLY airplane.
Thomas Craig -5
Airbus emoplyee
Ichiro Sugioka -2
Replace the tired old 757s with some Max10s?
Mike Boote 3
The Max-10 is not an adequate replacement for a 757 and Boeing knows this. That's why Delta is very interested in the NMA. Delta may be thinking of an A319/320 replacement.

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