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Police drone collides with manned aircraft above 500 ft in controlled airspace

A large police drone collided with a small manned aircraft - according to the article, it was within controlled airspace and above 500 ft AGL. Pilot & passengers extremely fortunate given the damage that the aircraft was able to land safely. ( More...

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Anthony Dennis 42
Nothing more about this is being talked about, it was a police drone, the operator knew exactly where he was and what the operating rules are, they purposely flew the drone in a reckless manner. The police officer operator and his superiors should be charged and fined or incarcerated. But they wont as it is still the good ole boys club when it comes to police departments misbehaving, even in Canada. That flight school should be able to recover the repair costs and lost revenue at least.
David Rice 11
Also agree. This is the type of behavior that makes people distrust the police in almost all of their actions. These irresponsible cops need to be chased out of their current line of work. McDonalds is hiring.
Cleffer 21
Similar to when an officer is texting and driving, or playing with their laptops. Distracted driving is distracted driving. Period.
MrTommy 7
Nah. Police officers are specially trained to be able to work with their computers, text, and other duties while driving, unlike the general public who have had NONE of this 'special training'. Tongue stuck firmly in cheek here.
Patrick Wahle 9
Agree 100%. A good lawyer should sue the police for endangering lives of others and get financial damages for physical and mental suffering.
serge LOTH 2
My opinion: it's not the first and not the latest..
EMK69 -3
a1brainiac 19
Will those police be held responsible and charged anyone else would be ?
MrTommy 13
Of course not. Rules for thee, not for me.
I have a PT, 107 and fly UAV, that is a no fly zone for us. The officer needs to be held accountable.
M20ExecDriver 4
Like Gomer Pyle says, "There's two sets of laws, one for the Poelice and one for the ordinary citizen". Accountability for anyone in a government job is non existent.
donnnell 2
Admittedly, I know little about drones. However, I'm surprised that a drone of this size, price (6kg, $8k+) and sophistication doesn't come with standard equipment to prevent its operator from straying into restricted airspace.
I encourage you to follow the link in the article to view photos of the damaged engine cowling. A little higher and it would have gone through the windscreen into the pilot.
paul gilpin 3
the student-pilot and instructor will be arrested.
in/out of court for at least two years and minimum of $250,000 / each lawyer fees.
the instructor will lose his certification.
the student-pilot will be banned from ever having a license to fly.
Mark Henley 9
and the LE agency will just buy a bigger UAV with no penalties...
Patrick Wahle 1
Police officers are above any laws and charter of Rights. This pandemic has given them full authority and it has been done through “recommendation” of unelected officials like medical health officers. So a drone on a vital healthcare mission to detect the people who are not wearing masks outdoor and colliding with a Cessna on approach will be considered an assault by a private plane against a police officer who was piloting a fully certified member of the force.
I have done my instrument rating at Buttonville Airport in June 1970. In those days it was in the middle of no-where (farmlands) but now it’s in a middle of a dense urban population so flying a drone on the gliding path of a runway is equivalent to a tentative of manslaughter. Police officers have too many toys and not enough training.
skinutca 1
I hope the 1st half of your post was pure satire.
Mark Henley 4
It's not.
I do too, but I have a feeling it's not.
dmedders 2
It is not satire.

It is an accurate reflection of the Orwellian world in which we live.
Dale Ballok -2
And you can swear this information to be exact and totally truthful, and exactly where did you obtain it from?
I hope it wasn’t the internet or CNN!😂
btweston -3
If you’re a paranoid whack job who or a fourteen year old who just discovered nihilism, sure.

But COVID is real and we should try to stop it.
Dale Ballok 0
btweston -1
I think your tinfoil hat needs changing.
Jim DeTour 1
Would figure the aviation investigation side would of required a drug test. I wonder if that was done. Even worse I wonder if the guy was even on his shift. Could of been a group of them playing with the drone making a convenient excuse. The aviation investigation side should have information of length of ownership of the drone and training the operator and unit had received. Such doesn't excuse their actions but could identify they have no clue of safety and possibly just out joy riding the drone.
Jim Mitchell 1
Sue,sue and sue.
Problems with drones are unavoidable...
skinutca 17
The problem with poorly trained cops is even more unavoidable, but most importantly it is unacceptable.
David Rice 7
Well, lets look at that a little closer…a requirement for police drone operators to get more training and follow the rules is indeed something that would classify this incident as “avoidable”. I do agree that in the current environment this incident might be classified as “inevitable”, but certainly not “unavoidable”.
Dale Ballok 2
The problem is with ANY poorly trained drone pilot, regardless of age, background, or other inconsequential things.
Dale Ballok 1
…but should be minimized for safety.
Brian Freeman -2
We sure love to hate the cops these days, don't we?? Everyone is just itching for a chance to condemn a cop, lock 'em up and throw away the key. It's somewhat understandable considering the distasteful job with which they're burdened. After all, they're the first ones who hold us accountable for our misdeeds - and we certainly don't want to be held accountable. This sour grapes mentality is banal and tiresome.
Dale Ballok 1
Well stated.
Would a teacher, machine operator, banker, etc, receive the same scrutiny?
dmedders 1
Absolutely yes! Any teacher, machine operator, banker, doctor, scientist, or candlestick maker who dares contradict the lefty narrative or agenda.

Allow me to demonstrate: Ten peer-reviewed studies conducted over 72 years and summarized on the CDC website show definitively that masks do not reduce the infection rate of COVID-19-sized viruses.

Let the scrutiny begin...
Dale Ballok -3
Take your propaganda statistics and put them where the sun don’t shine!
Karl Scribner 2
That comment have something to do with global warning hysteria?
dmedders 3
Thank you for confirming my point.

I am referencing actual science published on CDC.GOV:

Does it hurt when your head spins around like that?
Dale Ballok 0
And, what exactly caused the drop in Covid cases, especially pre-variant?


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