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Billion-dollar budget for new international terminal at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport rising again

The city council approved the IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program, better known as ITRP, with an initial price tag of $700 to $900 million dollars. Where does the budget for ITRP sit today? At $1.3 billion, according to Houston Airport System. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 13
Only a politician could take a cost overrun of 900 million reduced to a cost overrun of 400 million and call it a savings. And with Mayor Turner, who knows where the 400 million or any portion of the budget actually ends up (and into whose pockets)?
linbb 6
wow sounds like when Denver built the new airport.
Stapleton had issues, and the new one is HUGE. I flew through there in October 2019, just before, well, you know.

It was a damn huge airport! Gigantic I'd say. Stapleton was smaller, and had notorious issues with their baggage handling system, and needed to be replaced, but the new airport is so far out of town. It's quite a drive. But it's there. Found a great-ish place for lunch, and got out on time. What more can you ask for, except maybe some public transportation to get there, and back. (Or FROM there, and back)

It was gigantic, but actually pretty busy... I've heard that Stapleton was far more congested, and hectic.
Larry Toler 1
RTD is supposed to be adding light rail to DIA. I moved from there in 2009 so I'm out of the loop. I did commute from there to my crew in STL and didn't have too much trouble either taking RTD 169LTD or have my wife drop me off or pick me up. It is aways fro downtown Denver though. I lived in Aurora so it wasn't so bad for me.
Anthony Fiti 1
The light rail link between DEN and downtown has done for a while. Used it in 2017 when staying downtown for a get together.
Alan Zelt 1
Say what you will about Stapleton, but you can't say it was far out of town. I used it often. Easy to get to and easy to get home from it. Who needs a great-ish airport restaurant. Tons of them in Denver
paul gilpin 2
much adoe about nothing.
the 900 is in 2014 dollars.
plug 900 into any CPI inflation index calculator and you'll get 1.1 billion.
given the price increases in building materials over that time and the 1.3 billion is a bargain.
of course the politician pockets thing is for real as well.
thank the federal reserve and their currency debasement economic policy for inflating ourselves out of debt. it's their theory, not mine.
and i long for the days when this WAS an aviation blog.
matt jensen 2
waste of $$$$
Apparently the statue doesn't look silly enough?
good grief! i remember when it was houston "intercontinental" airport,with 3 round shaped terminals that were supposed to resemble flying actually was kind of nice,but there were not the nuymber of international flights nor widebody aircraft iah has now...they renamed it geroge bush international about the same time they started tearing out the old round ternmainals,adding alternating "squarish ones" with more gates and longer concourses, and adding and upgrading a new bottom train and a "people mover"..of course it used to be just terminals a/b/ and c then they added teminal d as the internatiinal one, and expanded an remodeled adding restaurants and clubs and the like..oh for the "good old days" when there was only one parking garage and you could navigate the roads to and from and around the terminals!!
Wait! What about the 1 Trillion dollar “infrastructure” pork bill? We were told airport renovations are part of it. Are we taxpayers getting the shaft again?
They found a few beaks that needed wetting.


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