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Canada Will Soon Require All Commerical Air Travelers To Be Fully Vaccinated

Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghabra has announced that air travelers and passengers on interprovincial trains will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before travel. ( More...

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braxtron 24
These comments exemplify the saddest part about the pandemic: there's neither listening nor discourse, rather attacks and name calling.
skinutca 25
I think the saddest part is how that happened and why such a a large proportion of the population was susceptible to manipulation and misinformation.
paul wilson 2
You have to wonder
Alan Glover 0
By the regime?.....yes.

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skinutca 15
Wait, I think you missed my point. Obviously, at least I hope, for me and for anyone the 4 million plus deaths are the worst. I was more reflecting on how a few YouTube videos, a few popular entertainers posing as news anchors and an incompetent administration hoodwinked a significant portion of the American population. How vaccines or masks became a political issue I think needs to be understood and the fact that they did is very sad. Though not quite as sad as the 4 million dead, it is inarguable that if they had not, 500,000 fewer Americans would be in that list and we would be closer as a world to getting this thing under control and thus have far fewer deaths going forward.
Matt Reardon 2
YOu are not familiar with medical statistics- let put this in context as someone who has followed medical statistics for over 40 years : you might imagine that there is about 1% annual all-cause mortality. That is roughtly true. HENCE the annual global death rate is 1% of 7.5 BILLION or about 75 MILLION. So your concern about COvid , how about rhe other 70 millions deaths? Why are there no special tears for THEIR suffering deaths? Is it b/c of your politics or is it b/c of your overweening narcissistic drama-queen single minded focus on the media BS re the largely benign coronavirus?
Deb atkinson 1
you only know what you've been fed... The news media has been bought and paid for
Alan Glover -5
As long as democrats, liberals and their useful idiots pay for it.
Harry Venison 3
The Right wing sheep have been fed a bunch of BS as well, and they break out their wallets for it in droves.

We're Americans, made up of two parties. With one party trying to take control of everything, and we don't want to go down that road.
Tim Dyck 2
Why all the left/right BS? Why can’t people learn to quit making everything a political argument? Imagine if instead of arguing and insulting each other people could work together to tackle issues like COVID and vaccinations?
Alan Glover 6
Everyone dies.

Covid was only the third leading cause of death in the States in 2020(if you believe dying FROM covid is the same as dying WITH covid) and heart disease and cancer are pretty lousy ways to go too.

Much sadder considering heart and cancer patients got bumped down the ladder because of the reckless and power hungry governments who made the outcomes much worse.
Only third ey? Well in 2019 it was 100th. In 2018 it probably didnt even register.
Pretty good at killing to go from not recognized to third leading cause of death in less than 3 years.
Heart and cancer patients got bumped down and continue to because people who did not get a vaccine or mask up or social distance or wash their hands are filling up the hospitals. And begging for the vaccine when its too late.
Alain Duncan 2
Respiratory infections have always been a leading cause of death, whether they are caused by COVID-19 or other cold and flu strains. 2020 wasn't much different than 2019 or 2018 or any other year. According to the WHO, respiratory infections were the 4th leading cause of death in 2019 and remained 4th in 2020 despite a slight increase.
Harry Venison 4
Typically in the US 30k-60k die annually from the non-covid flu virus.
Covid-19 has been responsible for well over 600k deaths in two years in the US, that's one hell of an up tick.
Alain Duncan 3
More like 150k according to the CDC. I'm sure you can get different number depending on what you count or don't count. Same for the 600k number... that includes a huge number of deaths that weren't even remotely related to lung infections. I don't doubt there was an uptick. It just didn't go from 100th to 3rd leading cause of death overnight. It might have edged up from 4th to 3rd place depending on how you aggregate your statistics.
ken young 2
Actually, No...Covid deaths do not reach anywhere near that number.
Here are the facts.
1. people are getting Sars-Cov2 despite the fact they are vaccinated and take precautions recommended by the CDC.
2.Very FEW of those infected are entering hospitals for overnight treatment. However, news media is counting outpatient visits due to covid as "hospitalization".
3. Not a single one of these knee jerk reactionary government acts or mandates are going to stop the virus from making its way through entire populations. That's been unequivocally proved.
Catching Sars-Cov2 is an INEVITABILITY. Its a virus. And viruses are resilient. Viruses do whatever is necessary to survive. We cannot stop a virus by kicking the can down the road.
The ONLY method we have at our disposal is to produce a vaccine that like others which took years to develop, will stop the virus. We have no such vaccine.
I am in no way claiming, stating or implying those who wish to get the vaccine, use face coverings, decide for themselves to isolate, make rules for their own business entities, etc.
My point is this...If anyone thinks these measures are going to "keep us safe", they are delusional.
There is NO SUCH THING as "safe"..
Alan Glover 2
The vaccines don't prevent getting or transmitting the disease. Get ready for your
forever shoots.
ken young 1
Correct. We take flu vaccines each year.
Why is this any different?
Tim Dyck 0
Why is this any different? No one has to provide proof of flu shot to fly or go on a cruise or enter sporting events and even some businesses. That is the difference.
Also people who get flu shots don’t go on social media to harass and bully those who don’t. People pretty much don’t care who gets those shotsand who doesn’t buy the COVID shot turns people into arrogant jerks.
ken young 0
OK...Good answer.
Alan Glover 0
The problem with that is that power is not shared between those in charge and those of us who believe it us being abused.
Tim Dyck 5
It’s sad to see how easily people are divided and willing to turn on their neighbours. The politicians or the media point their finger at a scapegoat and the mob is ready to persecute them. Makes it easy to understand how genocides happen.
Alan Glover 2

The Mandalorian actor who was cancelled from the Star Wars family was making that simple point.

It wasn't nazis who turned on (and then, in) Jews.
It was their heretofore friendly and rational neighbours.

This is exactly what is happening now. State-sanctioned shaming and punishing.
Keith Bell 7
The real question is, will passengers be required to have the smallpox, diphtheria and measles vaccines too?
Mark Kanzler 2
And flu shots.
Matt Reardon 2
We were told with forceful dictatorial certainty 4/20 that masking would stop it - not only did it not stop it but 10/20-4/21 there was a HUGE surge. We were told Fall/20 that the vaccine would stop it - it did nothing to stop the 10/20-4/21 huge surge nor the subsequent reverberations including this current one. So one stupid lie after the other. So despite the failure of the magical vaccine as anyone with awareness of the ineffectiveness of the influenza vaccine would have predicted we are now being forced to get this ineffective coronavirus vaccine. From the beginning it was preposterous foolishness but now going on 2 years later the foolishness, lies, and desperate misrepresentations are becomming ever more disgustingly grotesque. Part of this is that everyone is now getting in on the act of mandating medical requirments, the medically untrained governors and majors of course but now the pilots, the flight attendants, the ground crews, the maintenance mechanics, the custodial staff - the all know what is best for you medically. Whty do we need MDs when you can get your medical care from corporate boot licks or pilots , flight attendants, or the ridiculously over paid FAA lard asses?
If you ever wondered if you would have obeyed the Nazis….. now you know…
ray valadka 5
it is correct to say that even fully vaccinated people are getting covid but the percentage is very low compared to those who are unvaccinated. On average, 73% of new daily cases are totally unvaccinated It is an outrage that those people who are responsible looking after the elderly and those not capable after looking after themselves, staff at hospitals and long term care centres are not required to be vaccinated.
"Breakthrough" cases (in rare cases where a fully vaccinated person actually gets ill) are, indeed rare. Rarer still is the ones who actually wind up in the hospital. In the U.S., 99.3% to 99.7% who are hospitalized are UNvaccinated! As far as unvaccinated taking care of others, that number's decreasing with many private organizations now mandating all be fully vaccinated. I can only speak for the U.S.
ken young 2
The term "breakthrough case" has been dropped by the CDC and the media,
Why? Simple. A much higher percentage of vaccinated people are catching covid.
If the news media continues to use the above term, the consensus among government officials is that individuals will lose confidence in the vaccines and continue their hesitancy.
Alan Glover 1
You talk as if 2 shots will be considered fully vaccinated in 6 months (or less).

The tyranny will only continue, like this and any virus.
ken young 2
Infection rates to the unvaccinated were 99%. Now, the UK is reporting vaccinated people are accounting for nearly half of all new cases.
I'm vaccinated. I caught the covid a month ago. Fully recovered.
Eventually everyone will get the virus. Tats how viruses work. We are a host for the virus. It WILL find all of us.
The ONLY answer is a permanent vaccine. Such as those for MMR, Polio, etc.
Alan Glover 4
Nope. The vaccines (for now ) protect the vaccinated from serious illness, hospitilisation and death (not completely) but do nothing to stop the spread.
ken young 1
Fairly accurate statement.
George Ray 1
And inflation is only transitory with a unemployment rate somewhere around 6%.
Dave Mathes 3
....and so goes the rabbit hole....
Highflyer1950 1
Don’t feel sorry for them? 81% have had the first shot and 72% are fully vaccinated. Canadians will be flying around everywhere while only getting a little sniffle but those 50% that are unvaccinated south of the border will likely die a painful death! Education’s a bitch isn’t!
Stupidity is a bitch
Cleffer 2
In 1991, before I flew to Desert Storm, I was asked to take a vaccination to prevent the effect of Anthrax because it was believed that Saddam was going to use that agent on us as a last ditch effort to stay in power or before he fled (instead he lit the oil wells).

The vaccination was from Sweden we were told. It was not approved by the FDA. We were ordered to take the shot. 20 years after the war, I developed sever clotting issues. I can't prove it was because of the vaccination, but no one in my entire family history had ever experienced this issue before. I have no one to take responsibility or even simply investigate the issue because I signed up for the military, which is fine. I'm living with the consequences for my actions. I've come to terms with that.

However, in this case, I feel like I'm being set up for the same situation all over again. I'm being asked to take yet another vaccination and have no one to take accountability for it YET AGAIN if and when things go horribly wrong in 10-20 years as they have before. And once again, no FDA approval. And if the FDA approves it, there's SO much money involved, it's suspicious as hell regardless. I mean, really, ask yourself... how many class action lawsuit commercials for medications do you see on television every day?

I've survived three DVTs and a pulmonary embolism, so I'm not going to apologize for my hesitation to get in line for this one.
Bruce Horwitz 6
"Blood clots can affect anyone at any age, but certain risk factors, such as surgery, hospitalization, pregnancy, cancer and some types of cancer treatments can increase risks. In addition, a family history of blood clots can increase a person’s risk. The chance of a blood clot increases when you have more risk factors."

Note that anyone of any age can develop clots and there are many other activities that can increase risks.

So, the fact that you have developed blood clots 20 years after the vaccination with no family history of clots is hardly dispositive that there was any relationship between your vaccine and your condition. Can you find even an observational study that shows an increased occurrence of clots in the cohort of Desert Storm era soldiers and similar civilians of the same era?
It took 20 years before you started clotting " from the vaccine " . Come on , maybe you're just getting older , and your body just isn't the same as it used to be , just like the rest of us old farts that are also having issues .Just a thought .
Tim Dyck 4
There are lots that had symptoms quicker but close to100% of the personnel that got the anti anthrax shot had complications.
Cleffer 3
Actually, it was a bit before that, but I don't feel like posting my precise medical history online. And three DVTs and and PE with absolutely no family history of such is a bit more than a "coincidence" and "just getting old" - at least my medical professionals agree. I just can't get the VA to bite, and neither can countless veterans. Unless, you'd like to put your medical degree against theirs, keyboard warrior.
You dont need a family history in order to have a disease or health issue.
I know 2 people who never smoked but died from lung cancer.
For someone who likes to shoot your mouth off about blaming the vaccine , you sure are sensitive when others voice their thoughts . Just saying .
Cleffer 5
I'm not sensitive at all. Don't assume there are feelings in my words, just facts and what I've been told by those who are professionals in their field. You know, how people quote professionals all the time about how the COVID vaccination is safe?

Look. All I'm saying is that I have a life experience where this makes my skepticism valid. Unless you'd be willing to sign papers accepting legal liability if something were to happen to me if I were to take the vaccination? But the world seems to be empty of those saying yes to that query.

Best wishes to you and yours. May you be safe through this flu.
David Folkard 6
"20 years after the war, I developed sever clotting issues." Then when somebody responds to your story "Actually, it was a bit before that, but I don't feel like posting my precise medical history online." So which is it? How much is "a bit before that"? One year, 3 years? But still you blame a vaccination most people would struggle to remember getting.
Tim Dyck 3
I am not anAmerican but I respect those who fight for freedom even if it’s in a far away country no one seems to care about. Thank you for your service.
It’s sad to see so many disrespectful people who don’t care about those who serve their country.
James Simms 2
I’m w/you. I was among those vaccinated for DS/DS PLUS daily pyridostigmine bromide tablets. Our XO contracted & died from Guillain Barre Syndrome two years after our return; I suspect having the ‘experimental vaccines’ & PB tablets played a role in his death.

Nope, not taking it, even though I have several conditions.

The government may have fooled me (& others) once, but not twice. If I catch the chinese flu, fine. If I die from it, then so be it.
Don't go to a hospital begging them for treatment if you do catch , and I'm sure you will , the chinese flu Mr Trump.
Plenty of stories of people who did not want the shot being hospitalized with severe illness BEGGING for the shot when its too late.
Just read a story about a woman who lost her husband and was in the hospital telling family members to make sure her kids got the shot. She died a few days later.
Cleffer 6
I'm glad we fought for your freedom and your right to say that. Have a great evening, Sir. Ooh-Rah.
Harry Venison 1
Stories like that are not opinions, they are straight up facts. You're entitled to your opinion and paranoia of not getting anymore vaccines. As long as you don't spread misinformation and scare other people, without any facts of your own to back up your claims.

We thank you for your service.
David Folkard 1
Just how was it Iraq was threatening the freedom of the USA? Was it those multiple WMD that were .... oh, sorry.
skinutca -9
You were paid. It was a socialist (government) job you took. Others chose to get educated, Worked hard and payed for your government job.
You forgot the part about people who are vaccinated are still getting covid anyways.
David Folkard 19
Yes, and not dying or having serious effects. Let's also include that part.
Jack Seely -1
But passing on!
Then get a vaccination so you don’t get it passed on to you!
Alan Glover 1
It will be passed to you. You might not get as sick (for now) but vaccination does not preclude either infection or infecting.
Fully vaccinated can, indeed, get COVID (and spread it too,) but in many cases, they're asymptomatic. In short, they rarely require hospitalization. On the other hand, in the United States, currently 99.3% to 99.7% of hospital beds are occupied by the UNvaccinated.
skinutca 1
He did not. You just did not understand that shade with which he noted that fact.
Tim Dyck 1
Meanwile the Canadian Government is so sure of the safety of the vaccines that they are putting aside millions of dollars to pay for funerals of those who is from the jab.
Dan Nelson 2
I'm not anti-vaccine, but to force people to get an as yet unapproved gene therapy injection for what Fauci admitted in his emails is "just a bad flu" is ludicrous and wrong.
vermaas 4
Just for the record: An mRNA vaccine is not gene therapy, and the Pfizer vaccine is anticipated to be FDA-approved within a couple of weeks if not days.
What Fauci said on Feb 15 2020 (When COVID was first breaking out and there was hardly any data) was that he was more worried about the flu than COVID.
Then someone posted on FB that he said its like the flu and its been evolving ever since.
Freedom12 2
I guarantee if all airlines do this I won't use their service.
Masks don't work! It is the equivalent of trying to stop a mosquito from going through a chain link fence!
It's all about control and fear!
ken young 1
The day Qantas announced ( last year when the vaccines first rolled out) that all international travelers using that carrier would be denied boarding if they could not prove they are vaccinated.
After giving this some thought, I concluded that once this policy started, all or most air carriers would follow along,
Its going to happen. Its either going to be a decision made by air carrier management or by federal mandate.
There is one really good thing about this is that I will know there are no anti vaccine people on my plane and I hope all airlines follow the Canadian rule the anti vaccine people can walk or row a boat if they want to travel
Geez. Here was me thinking this was an AVIATION based website. Lets get back to that and state your opinions about Covid 19 elsewhere please.
Kind of hard when the subject matter of the story IS about Covid ...
sconklan -2
Coronaviruses always mutate and get passed on. There are reports now that the Delta variant may just be a cold. I am all for vaccines, but let's get real. The Flu vaccine has been around for years and is usually about 50% effective. You cannot expect anything better out of the Covid virus. It's been around now for almost 2 years (since Sep 2019), and it's not going to ever leave. Requiring people to inject experimental unproven vaccines into their bodies is a violation of their human rights.
Its not experimental, and the vaccines are proven to work.
I wonder what the excuse will be when they are fully approved.
You aren't "required" to get it. Just don't go where they require it.
Alan Glover 1
It will never end.

You'll need to have your "papers" updated again and again.

Say no.
Schools require certain vaccinations to attend.
I wonder how people felt when the government said everyone needs to wear a seat belt.
So you hate "papers" but would you allow being tested for antibodies?
Bill Butler 1
What's a "seat belt"?
wayne holder 0
So we have to live in a world of coercion.....its being mandated everywhere.
D Kaufman 1
I've been vaccinated for about everything possible. (My yellow fever is due). I think a couple of years from now we'll realize that everybody IS going to get covid and then, finally, we'll be able to get back to living a normal life.
J B 1
It's no longer about infections, all about hospital capacity. My guess is odds are 50-50 that the health system gets clogged to incapacity for ordinary health care again this winter, all due to the unvaxxed, forcing another economically significant lockdown. At that point the vaxxed majority will have lost any remaining patience with the voluntarily susceptible, and with accommodating any social or legal interests they have in staying that way.
The majority of the hospitals in the United States are now at or near capacity in ICU's. Non-COVID patients now have to wait for procedures as well as beds. I'm certain this is ethically unrealistic, but I'd be in favor of having those who will NOT get vaccinated and/or refuse to take any actions to protect others, sign a legally binding form that states they won't be eligible for treatment should they contract COVID-19.
ken young 1
"The majority of the hospitals in the United States are now at or near capacity in ICU's."\
That is NOT true.
For example Oklahoma reports 22% of its ICU beds occupied.
Much of the data is unavailable...I did several searches on google to find the actual percentages by state of occupied ICU beds. Difficult.
My guess is because the numbers aren't representative of the media desire to keep this Delta variant narrative going, the data has been taken down
s s -2
Since the largest populations of unvaccinated people in the US are minorities, specifically the African American community, it seems like you're fine with letting them die because they don't want a vaccine due to what was forced upon them by the government in the past.
Tim Dyck 1
For some Black Lives Only Matter when it is politically convenient. The second they go against the person’s ideology they no longer matter and can be left to die.
Craig Good -3
This is so obviously the right thing to do that it's sad that it makes news. We should flip it so that any transportation business that does NOT require evidence of vaccination gets shamed into bankruptcy.

Nobody should be allowed into an airport without it.
Alan Glover 1
Zeig heil.
Tim Dyck 4
I did Nazi that comment comming…
wayne holder 3
🤣🤣🤣....That made me spit my coffee out.

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Who said listen to the politicians?
Listen to the doctors, the scientists, your own doctor.
The people who think there is a conspiracy and this was lab made and purposely released can not state WHY someone would do this. The only logical answer would be to reduce the worlds population, and even in that scenario it would have to be more deadly than it is (though its is pretty deadly).Every country relies on a bigger population to fund them. The more people die, the less there are of people to make things for other people to buy. Less taxes to collect.
Duane Mader 0
Where is the vector? The naturally occurring bat, rat, flea, mosquito etc that Covid comes from. SARS MERS, Dengue etc all had their vectors tracked down in a few months at most.
Holy hell , who in the hell brainwashed you ? Where do you come up with the 50% ? Some other anti-vaxxer .
matt jensen -6
Nope just the facts. I suppose you take a flu shot every year that's on ly 40% effective. Don't know any anti-vaxers.
40% is better than 0%.
I learned that in 1st grade.
David Folkard 0
73% of anti vaxxer statistics are made up. Did you know the word "gullible" is being deleted from the latest dictionaries?
wayne holder 1
Seems interesting I will give it a read. Something else interesting to read is the Stanley Milgram Experiment. I'm pretty sure its been used a couple of times already.
Harry Venison -1
wow, you mean you maga nut jobs are in Canada also? yikes.
Jesse Carroll 1
WOW....Thought this to be an Airplane site! Glad to know their are so many idiots commenting like they are scientist and/or Doctors.
Simply put a sign on your back that says
" If your not Vaxed.
Please stay back"
Looks like many of you haven't been on a US airlines lately. really enjoy being a sardine for 4 or 5 hours!.....Nottttttt.....
Fine with me. I stopped going to Canada when passports became a requirement. The exchange rate hasn't been that good in well over a decade anyway.
"This upcoming requirement is part of their plan to assist in social and economic recovery." Discouraging tourists from going there and locking the country down again should work out very well for economic recovery, LOL. Never give an academic an accountant's job ...
Considering the majority of the world wants the vaccine, or have taken it, I'm sure Canada would rather not be Florida. They will save more money from people getting sick than they would get from tourists.

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Silent Bob 23
Holy hyperbole Batman! The Black Plague wiped out 30-50% of the population in Europe. And when you account for population growth between 1918 and now the fatality rate for the 1918 flu is at least 4 times greater than Covid. You also follow in the media's footsteps by failing to address the actual risks of Covid.

This is a quote from the American Institute for Economic Research: "Covid-19’s severe outcomes almost exclusively affect the elderly and the immunocompromised, particularly those over the age of 65, which is also approaching the life expectancy of a human. Furthermore 94 percent of Covid deaths occurred with preexisting conditions. It poses virtually no risk to children, minimal risk to young adults, and only seems to kill more than 1 percent of victims with those over the age of 65."

Here's one about the Spanish Flu: “Mortality was high in people younger than 5 years old, 20-40 years old, and 65 years and older. The high mortality in healthy people, including those in the 20-40 year age group, was a unique feature of this pandemic.”

So no, Covid is not a "war", and it's certainly not more effective at killing people than the plague or Spanish Flu.
So out of 100 sick people only 2 will die. (98.2%)
Glad i got my vaccine and more likely will not be part of that statistic.
Cleffer 12
I love it when you can tell when people are simply regurgitating what the media and politicians are telling them what to believe.

A society that is afraid will never think for themselves.
Keith Bell -3
More Americans have died from Covid than the number of Americans who died in WWII.
George Ray 8
And....5/4 of the population do not understand fractions.

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djames225 2
WOW..not only do you hate Boeing, you hate Canada as well...WTH else do you hate??
djames225 1
Interesting..I state what others have stated many times in the past about MH370's hate on Boeing. It now appears his hate on Canada too....and get downvoted.SMH
ray valadka 3
what a great comment,,,,not!
matt jensen 0
Hey we know what's going on. See how many are left on here next year.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

We are glad too that your are not in Canada.
I bet they are too!
matt jensen 0
And, I'm glad you're not here either. It's a balmy 4C
The Jab has become the feared Holy Bible Revelations Mark of the beast..
matt jensen 6
No that comes later
paul wilson -2
Not long ago the Muslims were flying jets into skyscrapers now a Canadian transportation minister , Muslim says you can't fly, he must be thinking of everyone's safety and flying

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

irvmull 9
COVID is the first disease known to cause severe brain damage, whether you catch it or not.
Tim Dyck 3
I don’t know if COVID causes brain damage but the vaccine seems to make people arrogant and angry at the same time. I keep seeing all these people who promote the vaccine trying to belittle and bully others, it’s really kind of pathetic. If that is what a shot of the vaccine does then I think I should avoid it.


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