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A Boeing 737’s unstabilized approach into Bhutan

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The cockpit video footage has emerged of a July 12, 2021, flight from Kolkata, India (CCU), to Paro, Bhutan (PBH). The flight was operated by Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines, with a Boeing 737-300 that had the registration code PK-YGW. The 23-year-old plane was in a cargo configuration, and allegedly carrying vaccines to Bhutan. ( עוד...

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Andy Cruickshank 4
I thought there was a special rating required to fly this approach
Shenghao Han 4
Mentor Pilot did a quite detailed analysis on the clip. Check it out on YouTube, explained why you hear a guide, and why they didn't go around.
bdarnell 4
Unstabilized ? That was a semi-controlled crash.
James Simms 1
@ least they were able to walk away…..this time. One of those landings the next stop is to get a really, really stiff drink…. OK, maybe two

Next time they may not be as lucky
jptq63 3
Surprised the person doing the filming did not shout out a go around; hell ain't worth my life I know for sure. BTW, think I hear someone saying -- Be careful, Don't worry about it, good, good, good, OK -- THUD. in the video. Is that the guy in the right seat?
Parakulam Seshadri 2
As far as I know, pilots flying to Paro have to have training. Dis these pilots undergo the special training?
I've done worst . . .

Larry Toler 1
I saw the video. That was pretty rough.
bentwing60 5
That wasn't only rough, it was rank amateur. Four bar in the right seat with a cell phone camera going all the way. Sterile cockpit compliance in it's most non-existent form. Still can't believe the proof of their hiring, training practices went viral from one of their own. Bet he had a talk with the CP., as the check airman.
Touted as one of the world's most challenging approaches.
patrick baker 1
good thing runways are as wide as this one is, as the "pilots???" found one half of it to ground their aircraft.No mention of winds or wind direction. Call this a dutch roll landing....

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