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B-17 Flying Fortress Has Been Hiding in a Barn for Years, Waiting to Be Restored

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Not exactly a barn find, this Flying Fortress has been crammed piece by piece into a large, barn-like building in order to be restored. The owner who raised this building specifically for the B-17 has been working on it for years now. It's far from complete and it will take many more years before it will fly again, but it's definitely something you wouldn't expect to find in such a building. ( עוד...

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Paul Miller 3
How wonderful to find someone that's willing to do such a great restoration.
sparkie624 2
Title should be B-17... Not -17 - Sorry, I goofed!
jbqwik 1
Michael Stansfield 1
Wow! A genuine E-variant. Very cool.
Arthur Netteler 1
WOW, saw one like this in Sikeston, MO back in the 1980's. Not very far from the Sikeston Drag Strip Raceway. There was also what looked like a 1940's single Engine (maybe a Fighter) in another out building.

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