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Elon Musk’s 3,000 Mph Rocket Test Aims To Disrupt Airline Travel

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SpaceX's primary goal is to conduct missions to Mars, but they also plan to use their Starship rocket in other areas such as point-to-point flights on Earth. These flights are planned to take place at hypersonic speeds, as SpaceX plans for its rocket to escape the Earth's atmosphere and then use associated benefits to travel faster than traditional airplanes. ( עוד...

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Ed Schijf 2
Life on earth is getting healthier year by year, or is it?
Gez T 3
Well that'll be good for the environment.
patrick baker 1
theoretical physics meets market airline services, : any chance Elon will buzz along to something next and forget this silliness?
Colin Seftel 2
I doubt it. 10 years ago only Elon thought it was possible to land and re-use an orbital rocket.
pat carty 0
Why the misleading headline?

You will lose readers faster than Elton's rocket, if you continue doing the same.
Hans Björkman 0
Another stupidity like the Las Vegas metro tunnels with cars.
Extremely inefficient and extremely exaggerated speeds.
Suddenly spacetravel is like taking the bus. No training beforehand and how about refurbishment of the rocket, 20 minutes a day a week a month?
Geoff Davies 0
Quite possibble with musk and his ideas.he may have something tested now you never know

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