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"Unruly" passenger faces $52,500 fine

An airline passenger who tried to open the cockpit door and hit a flight attendant in the face twice is facing the year's largest fine from the Federal Aviation Administration: $52,500. The passenger on a December 23 Delta airlines flight from Honolulu to Seattle is one of four "unruly passengers" the agency announced Monday it is seeking fines against under its zero-tolerance policy. The increased fines come as the number of passengers is on the rise. More than 1.8 million people… ( More...

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jbqwik 22
Something not right with anyone who has rage issues. I agree with siriusloon: A permanent ban. Plus, therapy.
Elliot Cannon 19
If you punch someone in the face while on the ground you go to JAIL. So, if you punch someone in a plane you only get a fine?? Punching or otherwise attacking a crew member should have a mandatory sentence in jail or mental facility.
Chuck Lavazzi 3
Indeed. Surely this is felony assault?
George Pepe 2
Maybe if you pinch someone in the face on a plane, you should get thrown out of the plane (with parachute if in the air) Whether or not it is in the air.
George Pepe 4
I meant punch, but pinch would work too
siriusloon 18
No plea bargaining unless he'd rather do several years in the pen instead. There should also be a permanent ban, not just from flying, but from any airport's property. He shouldn't get within a mile of an aircraft ever again.
Jim Allen -1
I’m not big on an automatic permanent ban unless you physically strike someone or threaten them. It should be a sliding scale. People can just have a bad day or you get a bitchy FA (males can be bitchy too) and they are people too. Having experienced an obnoxious FA or two I’m a bit more apprehensive.
jmilleratp 16
Commit a Federal Crime, go to Federal Prison.
john doe 2
I heard they're nicer.
Marty Martino 2
I doubt the Super Max in Colorado is very nice.
Chris B 13
Anyone causing diversions or Police intervention has to pay the airlines costs for starters. How about allowing passengers who incurred costs to get them reimbursed?

Striking a crew member is an automatic denial of flying privileges in my book.
rdlink 14
Striking anyone (other than in self defense) on an airplane should be an automatic denial of flying privileges.
George Pepe 2
Really you should try not to strike them. Hopefully wrestling them back will be just fine. Striking someone should be a last resort
This is the only way you're going to curb this type of BS...hit them in the pocketbook.
patrick baker 10
Did the FAA just pick a number out of the air, only to erase collection of that fine later? Hitting a flight attendant falls into assault- jail time required here. No justification can be made for hitting any flight attendant. Ignore them if you must, but no punching allowed.
SkaShoon 6
Hitting anyone on an airplane is felony battery, deserving a minimum 1 year sentence
Sounds like a good reason for an ejection seat. If you can't behave, get out and walk!
Jim Quinn 6
Prison time should be mandatory, perhaps with a one-year minimum sentence upon conviction. After saying that, I've read where the slightest infraction on a commercial passenger flight sometimes results in the cabin crew being a bit too eager to bring in the authorities for the simplest reason. I do believe that too many passengers are way too eager to show their bad sides and get physical these days.
Jim Allen 6
Fines plus jail time/community service plus damages to the FA to be decided by an administrative law judge. The punishment should fit the crime… you’re in a tin can 5 miles up with 300 other people. Behave. I’ve had some really obnoxious FA’s but there’s no excuse to ever strike one.
Nultech 6
At last it's becoming expensive to be an ass. Hope it takes the self-righteous glamour out of it.
If they were put on a no fly list it would end the problem
Chuck Lavazzi 2
Also if put in jail.
Randall Bursk 5
Family, friend, business associate that acts that way, leave them at the curb. No place anywhere for that.
Craig Scott 4
Went to Ft. Lauderdale thru BWI last week. Back from RSW to CLT to ALB. No problems. Customers were just fine. Babies didn't cry. Planes were ALL packed. Everyone complied with mask orders. SW FA was funny with the line: "Please keep your masks on. You're going to Florida. Nobody cares there!"
Let's try and find a worthwhile court anymore with a judge with common sense.
In so many cases around the country, courts act like the fake TV show courtrooms.
Again, in so very many cases, the proceedings should not take more than 15 minutes.
There were more than 100 witnesses. GUILTY! pay up and never fly commercially again.
George Klima 2
This behavior comes from the selfish "my rights" ahead of everybody else attitude that has been fuelled and encouraged for the past few years.
Jim Marsh 1
Strike anyone except in self defense ! Jail time, fine, permanent loss of flying privilege And access to any airport
I wonder if he s got Road Rage in addition to his Air Rage.
Janie Jessee 1
Yes - absolutely!
hit them in the pocket book and put them in the no fly list permanently


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