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American Airlines Hosts Pizza Party On ERJ-175 Following Diversion

On Tuesday, an American Eagle service was heading to Charlotte, North Carolina from Key West, Florida, when it was forced to divert to Charleston, South Carolina, due to severe thunderstorms. The Embraer ERJ-175 had taken off 40 minutes late and then spent hours sitting at Charleston. However, to cheer up the passengers, the captain ordered pizza for everyone on the aircraft. ( More...

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k1121j 19
Rock on to that pilot
sparkie624 9
I am pretty sure it was not the Company footing the bill.
Dan Chiasson 6
fully agree. The accounting bean-counters would have a fit! Hopefully an executive will do the right thing and quietly ask the pilot to expense it along with the message, , , , please do not repeat.
Bob Sullo 7
Had that same thing happen in Boston several years ago. American pilot purchased pizzas for all and the drinks were free even in coach.
joel wiley 7
Can you imagine the complexity of pizza for 75 and make everybody happy?
James Simms 4
Not to mention transporting 75 pizzas
James Simms 2
The other night, saw an AA Regional Jet from DFW to MHK (Manhattan, KS) make one attempt to land during bad weather, then circled & headed back to Tulsa, OK. By the time he got there, MHK looked pretty clear.

Also saw a Delta & Southwest from out West scheduled for MCI not bothering to try because of the weather, instead heading straight to St. Louis
Robert Cowling -3
And yet I flew to MCO, and the plane circled 8 times, and one on its base leg, and then landed. Southwest and Spirit tried once each, and they diverted, one to Tampa, and one to an airport to the north east.

I have never been on a plane that has circled so many times before landing. EVER! So we were over an hour and a half late getting in, and they could have diverted to Tampa, and yet we circled and circled. The weird part was, the final was really remarkably smooth. I'm sure there was badness out there, somewhere, but the approach to landing was really rather uneventful.

Not like the last time I flew into LGA. It was light/moderate turbulence from 1,500 to the tarmac, and the landing was on one wheel, and people were nearly screaming. And they went directly in, no circling at all. We were the last plane in for over an hour. That landing was reckless, and yet, we circled north west of MCO, watching the big storm clouds to the north of the field. It seems to make little sense, how dispatch handles weather sometimes. We could have had a Delta LGA style landing at MCO, and yet we circled.
Antonello Davi -6
ok Mister Weather man....They went to OKC as it was their alternate and they could have been a Bingo fuel. Not bother to try...……….get off your couch and ride a bike to clear your head
patrick baker -2
that captain clearly has no upper management goals, for #1: he thought of the comfort of his passengers #2 he brought non company purchased food products on board #3 he acted like he cared for fellow human beings. He will be relegated to eventually flying 787's all over the place and makeing a good salary once his senority gets him to bid 787. He will never be able to do the management self-important strut and posturing. He will never be able to sit in first class and act self-important as an executive,
Robert Cowling -8
I'm sure he was reprimanded. Ironically, he makes the airline look bad. All of the diverted flights people have been on, and not gotten that level of service. Yeah, makes the company look bad. I remember sitting in ORD, 'burning off some excess fuel', for over an hour. It was hot, it was crazy, it was likely a weather route delay billed as 'Oops, someone put too much go-juice in'.

And when weather gets iffy, it's the RJ's that end up taking it harder, on the nose. Planes diverted, departures cancelled. Yeah, I'm sure he's been chewing some carpet, which is sad, but that's what upper management does. Help make sure everyone suffers...
He was not reprimanded but praised. Cowling; all your comments are garbage. Cable TV not working?
darjr26 -2
The captain might not have needed to divert if he had added some extra fuel for holding and reroutes prior to departing Key West.
And you are the guy that knows everything about everything. Sit back down on your couch


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