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Bad Weather Plane Spotting at LONDON GATWICK | Go-Arounds, Crosswind, Rain, Fog

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Some typical stormy weather at London's Gatwick Airport including rain, wind, crosswind and more... ( עוד...

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TechnoDan 1
Nice video, but when following the link above to YouTube, it starts the video near the end for some reason. This video is much better when played from the beginning.
justplanes 4
You are absolutely right... no idea why...
Here is the correct link that will start at the beginning, sorry
FAwareM 1
It's because this appended to the original link: "&t=939s"
justplanes 1
ya totally I see it now... You Tube added that when I copied the link.... no good, sorry about that and I cannot change the link now in this post
WhiteKnight77 1
That happens when you click the box to start at X time before you click the copy button.
justplanes 3
Exactly... Won't happen again ;) Hopefully
FAwareM 1
No biggie. Great video.
justplanes 1
I will be careful next time, thank you.. glad you enjoyed the video!
tam nelson 1
I figured it out and it was excellent! Do the poor folks there ever get weather that's better than fog soup? I hope so. Thank you justplanes.
justplanes 1
Very welcome!
Herb Haughton 1
Have a lot of these crews exceeded the maximum aircraft cross wind component?

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