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NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life

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Aliens exist, and we have proof. That astonishingly awesome claim comes from Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, who says he has found conclusive evidence of alien life — fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. (There are only nine such meteorites on planet Earth.) Hoover’s findings were published late Friday night the Journal of Cosmology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. ( עוד...

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matt leo 0
wow what a breakthought
Ronnie Mc 0
Doesn't surprise me, if you think about it, it wouldn't really make sense if we were the only life forms, just try to think of how much more is out there
Toby Sharp 0
Very True Ronnie.....if you look up at the sky and think about it, its actually pretty crazy how massive space is.
stephen16 0
Who said this?
justin martin 0
I believe we are not the only life forms because we have a HUGE universe and we can't be the only life forms in this universe and other universies
stephen16 0
Maybe there are some monkeys too.
John Mclnnes 0
If you strain hard enough you can believe anything.
Matt Comerford 0
is this why they just came out with a new translation of the bible? to include the alien bacteria? :)
stephen16 0
Are you saying that the bible is a bunch of made up stuff? The alien bacteria is in question? is it not?
Matt Comerford 0
I believe that, yes, but I never said that! (until now) :)
Chris Donawho 0
Read the update: where the some so-called respectable names in the science community dismiss the validity of Cosmology altogether, even calling them kooks? So this NASA scientist and the Cosmology editor in chief, who is also a scientist with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics are kooks? If kooks routinely have resumes like this, I wanna be a kook!!!
Chris Donawho 0
Also understand this: If we see a scientific breakthrough of this proportion, do you really think we are all gonna hear about it first right here on FlightAware? No offense to FlightAware, but I think news of this magnitude, news that would really change the way we look at our own world is going to come through the normal mainstream pipelines. "I read this on the internet somewhere" is not going to cut it for me.
jeff Prillaman 0
we had this very claim regarding meteorites found in antarctica some years ago. dismissed and apparently forgotten. consider the incomprehensibly minute probability of life from earth making it to another planet of any sort, let alone one inhabited by "intelligent" beings. Much better odds for a misapprehension of some sort.
Ralph Wigzell 0
If earth were to collide with a large enough body (not out of the question), organic matter would almost certainly be ejected into space.
vic holtzinger 0
Houston,....we have a problem.
Louis Vlasic 0
You have to be pretty narrow-minded to think all is here just for us.
George Casey 0
A new market for Apple iPads

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