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Opinion: Boeing’s Project Means Work For Airbus Strategists

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Conventional wisdom had it that Boeing’s recent woes would keep it from being able to afford developing an all-new aircraft in the foreseeable future, even if it were strikingly necessary. But, as Aviation Week has reported, Boeing has begun talks with suppliers about a project built on its previous work for a new midmarket airplane, currently available technologies and an aggressive timetable (AW&ST Feb. 8-21, p. 12). This raises the very real prospect that the company may actually launch… ( עוד...

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canuck44 5
Once they decide whether they go wide body or single aisle the project will move rapidly using a hybrid of existing technology, materials and manufacturing processes. Hopefully they have learned something from the 787, 737 MAX and 777X projects that can be integrated to a more smooth roll out on a schedule when the market still exists.
Brad Littlejohn 2
Agreed. IF they go single aisle, they would leverage what they have from MAX (and possibly 739) and go from there. the drawback there is that they would still be relying on a near 50-year old design.

If they went wide body, they still have the entire B783 project that they scrapped for the B788 and B789 to use. that should be simple to implement as long as they don't mess with the CG of the body.
Silent Bob 5
A new single aisle aircraft would have to be a clean sheet design, there’s just no more efficiency to squeeze out of the 737. My guess is it would be more of a scaled down 787 using materials (composites) and technologies (avionics, systems, etc) from that program. I don’t see why they can’t come up with new designs that mimic the 757/767 where you’d have both single and double aisle aircraft that share enough commonality to have a single type rating.
James Willich 1
A '57 variant would make the most sense. Plus, it was/is an extremely capable aircraft.
Edward Bardes 1
If only Boeing had realized the potential of the 757 before they stopped production.
James Willich 2
Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the '37 airframe.
Why would they do this now?
James Willich 1
Because it's the perfect time, if you're an engineer. Terrible time if you're a financial analyst. Let's see who drives the ship at the Lazy B.
Ed Allen -2
No body in Boeing is an expert! They got themselves into this deal! So as the person they voted for says,”here’s the deal” Your bed U sleep in in!

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Roy Hunte 4
From a nut who frequently misspells words.....
Etienne Daniels 2
Did ever ask an person from the UK, Australia or South Africa what they think about your spelling? I understand him and I'm a non native speaker.
sconklan -8
I would still bet on Boeing. Of course, we have to hope our economy survives Sleepy Unelected Joe for it to work.
James Willich -2
I hope he lasts 4 years, the alternative is a death sentence.
Edward Bardes 1
It's possible the Curse of Tippecanoe may rise again.

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