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Aviation Stats Update: February 23, 2021

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"Winter storms brought a decline in US commercial flight traffic last week. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), one of the biggest and busiest airports in the US, saw major cancellations for the majority of the week while some other Texas airports including IAH, HOU, and AUS closed their airfields completely at the height of the storm. Meanwhile, after a difficult start to the year, China saw almost a 30% increase in flight traffic within the last week." -Daniel Baker, CEO,… ( עוד...

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Andy Bowland 4
Seems odd that only now China is increasing flights...since they have told the world that COVID was contained in March of 2020.
sparkie624 2
That appears to be an Understatement
jptq63 1
Will be interesting if the China numbers can hold / break the otherwise downward trend (30% spike is weird, but so had been the drop, but it seemed more trend like in my view), the chat showing US traffic on the lower side of ~18k vs. higher side (just trying to eyeball the end of 2020 to so far in 2021) makes me wonder if the seemingly slightly fewer flights may be due to airline not blocking seats as much; i.e. higher seat utilization. Europe graph shape seems almost identical to prior years, for the most part, just at different total levels; overall though seem even a bit more messy there this year vs. last…. Hope this could be a monthly type of data sharing.
Jenny Kobe 4
We share these updates every two weeks! If you miss them in the squawks you can always find them over on, under Aviation Recovery

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