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A new startup luxury airline is launching flights next month with a private jet-like plane - here's a closer look at Aero

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Aero is the US' newest airline, starting flights between Los Angeles and Aspen, Colorado on February 4. The leisure-focused luxury airline aims to offer a "radically better premium leisure travel experience." Prices start at $990 one-way for February flights, rising to $1,250 in March and April for flights on a private jet-like plane. The pandemic has shifted travel trends in favor of leisure flying and airlines have been eager to accommodate. Aero is a new leisure airline… ( עוד...

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linbb 0
Um what is diffrent than rent a jet? And what is a jet like plane? Some new aircraft? No doesnt look like it, so its either a prop jet or a pure jet. HO HUM WHAT a worthless post.
David Isaacs 1
I think the "like" refers to "private jet". It is like a "private" jet. I hope this is right.
Torsten Hoff 2
From the article:

"The flagship of the fleet is an Embraer ERJ135 regional aircraft that's been retrofitted for Aero's quasi-private operations. The aircraft feature only 16 Italian leather business class-style seats arranged in a 1-1 configuration."

It's definitely a jet, it just isn't private. It's essentially a regional airliner that's First Class only. The price is attractive for that, especially when you factor in the convenience.

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