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Titan Airways to operate world's second A321 converted freighter

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The A321 passenger-to-freighter conversion program looks like it will be heavily subscribed, based on early indications. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 2
undenialbly, this conversion outperforms its boeing counterpart in every measure. Wonder if Airbus had something like this in mind when designing the A321. If so, congrats to them...
Eric Kulisch 2
The A321 has belly space for small containers already in passenger mode, even before the conversion. So it's better in that regard from the start. Conversion is icing on the cake, I guess, but seems to start with a built-in advantage.
linbb 0
Ho hum much like an everyday thing just like getting a new car nothing of value here.
Eric Kulisch 2
Maybe. But it's more like Toyota coming out with a completely new vehicle, let's say a larger, better SUV and you're the first customer to get it.
Roy Hunte 2
He just pissed that it's an Airbus.

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