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United Airlines Returns To JFK With Service to Los Angeles And San Francisco Using Business-Heavy 767s

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Just over five years ago, United Airlines pulled out of JFK airport citing poor earnings due to its strong presence in LaGuardia and Newark. Since the October 2015 decision, the airline’s boss Scott Kirby has come out saying that he regretted the decision, given travelers’ instincts to book flights out of JFK rather than the other two tri state-based airports. ( עוד...

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bobinson66 2
Regretted the decision? Ya think? The NY subway doesn't stop at LaGuardia. It does stop at JFK. Maybe next time, approach the decision from a passenger point of view rather than an accountant's point of view.
Robert Artac 1
Ooh, that's the bane of an airline's existence. They always let the bean counters do the thinking.

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