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GE9X Jet Engine Wins Certification

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GE9X engine for Boeing Co's BA.N 777X passenger jet has been certified by the FAA ( עוד...

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mmc7090 5
Now watch China steal more US technology through Italy and their heads in the sand about the CCP. You've been warned and are complicent. Why Pompeo is traveling to Italy? Get a clue.
ettore apolloni 0
US technology like MAX?
bizprop 1
What’s the GE9X have to do with the 737MAX?
ettore apolloni 1
US technology
skylab72 1
patrick baker 1
what is the legitimate confidence level with a product from these companies as approved by FAA?
bentwing60 1
So, for you ETOPS aware individuals, the First twin Jet approvals were based upon millions of hours of turbine engine ops. by type, (manufacturer) and MTBF rates. And they could only do it for 60 minutes, cause ETOPS started with piston engine airliners. And the turbine era deigned that they didn't fail as often as piston power, but still held a high bar before 120", and certainly 180" was approved.

The current generation of B787, A350, B7X are, or will be powered by powerplants that were ETOPS certified without the history, and from the get go cause' Who needs an airplane that can't fly for 18 hours? Pick a route that won't be over water for a significant period of time!

The first time a fellow Learjet guy that I introduced to the bidness' asked me about flight planning to deliver a 24XR to South Africa from the states ignored my inquiry about the 'wet foot print'! He made it. Hope they all do!
Don Whyte 1
I'm guessing you mean 120' and 180'. ' is minutes, " is seconds.
bentwing60 1
Yes, my bad. Thank you.
Thomas Godwin 1
Wins? "Earns"
The 777X is ready for construction!
I'd say more than ready since I watched one flying by about two hours ago...
Robert Cowling 0
Yeah, I'd say...
Robert Cowling -2
The 'New and improved FAA', or the 'We'll take your word for it' FAA?
Will the EASA swallow FAA's certification or will they do their own?

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