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Boeing scrambles for more cash to keep Max sales

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Boeing is scrambling to shore up financing for the 737 MAX as it awaits regulatory approval for design changes after the plane was grounded following two fatal crashes, industry sources said. Boeing BAN is anxious to resume deliveries once regulators declare it safe and airlines agree training. But confidence in the jet has been hit by the 15-month grounding, making the financing needed to ensure smooth deliveries scarce and compounding a dearth in demand due to the coronavirus crisis. “Nobody… ( עוד...

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ADXbear -2
Boeing should have cut their losses last year, It will be a long time before pilots passengers will trust that airframe , and it's very easy to tell a MAX from the other 737 fleet
hal pushpak 1
I think they're starting to put those sharklets on non-MAX's, aren't they? That would make it harder to distinguish the MAX from the others, right? Or are there other ways of telling?
Chris B 2
Look at the engines. If there are chevrons copy and paste this link:
djames225 1
Waiting to board from inside an airport, look at the craft head on. If engines slightly below wing, it's not a MAX.
bentwing60 0
Because in virtually every case newer, more efficient engines is about 'A bigger fan'. To over simplify.

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