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Boeing 777X Set to Miss 2021 Debut, Top Buyer Emirates Says

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Boeing Co.’s new 777X jet is likely to miss its planned debut next year, according to the aircraft’s top customer Emirates, which doesn’t expect to receive any planes before 2022. Deliveries of the wide-body jet, which first flew in January, will probably be held up by Boeing’s shutdown at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, together with a lengthy certification process, Adel Al Redha, the Gulf carrier’s chief operating officer, said Thursday in an interview. Emirates is also considering… ( עוד...

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user3956 1
I'm really excited for the 777X to hit the market. I remember my dad (aircraft mechanic) taking me to where he worked at IAD when I was 14 or so in 1995 or 96 to see one of the first 777s United Airlines had. He took me into the cockpit to see the all-glass setup and everything; the triple seven has been my favorite since and I love flying on the ERs to ICN from DFW every couple of years or so. I have a flight next month from DEN to HNL on a 787 and I'm not looking forward to it at all...I can't wait for the 777X!
paul gilpin -3
after reading the accompanying article it's obvious this is no long an aviation blog.
maybe i should bring my thesaurus to the aviation blog next time.
i will need more visibility to re-negotiate our fluidity.
Roger Anderson 3
airuphere 1
You’re right. The article is clearly published by Yahoo Finance. News for financial industry, so yes was not an aviation blog. <facepalm>

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