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Plane crash lands in Sydney park

A man, a woman and a dog escaped serious injury when their single-engine plane made a crash landing, bringing down power lines and flipping on to its roof in a suburban street in Sydney's west. ( More...

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James Corkern 0
Looks like the prop wasn't turning only one tip bent. Engine not running? Power loss? Lucky folks.
david fraser 0
A very lucky escape!!!
bob reid 0
Looks like too much air in the fuel tanks..
toolguy105 0
You can listen to this on Live ATC. They were approaching an airport in Sydney. Good work on the part of the controllers in vectoring another aircraft to search for them as this helped the Fire Rescue people get to them faster. Good Job all around.
kudos to all involved...hope to see them UP and about soon.
Steve Girault 0
I agree with bobreid. Common problem with green pilots.


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