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Ryanair expects Europe travel surge; schedules 40% resumption starting in July

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DUBLIN (Reuters) - Temperature checks, masks and quarantine will not deter people from a holiday in the sun after three months “locked up” at home, Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said on Tuesday as he announced plans for 1,000 flights a day from July. ( עוד...

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Klaus Frank 2
O'Leary is 100% wrong! His business model, packing as much as possible people like livestock in a plane, is dead as the EU is working on minimum distances for seats in public transportation, be it buses or planes! Wonder how he will offer 19€ tickets if max occupancy is decreased by 30 % ...
mbrews 3
- I understand your points. Although a US citizen myself, I have travelled on Ryan a few times. I would predict that, after being locked down for so long, a surprising number of people will nevertheless occupy the "distanced seats " even at a 30 % premium, for summer travel

Ryans planes fly many sectors each day on short to moderate distances ( like Southwest). They don't need to turn profit on each sector. Cheap fares bring passengers to share the fuel bill ( much lower at todays prices for Jet-A fuel) I don't have any skin in Ryans game, only speculating the 'conventional wisdom might have this wrong
Steve Ortiz 1
Rysn air isn't the only travel partner to try incentives to get people travelling agsin. I read in the Dow Jones news that Carnival cruise lines is offering a 5 day cruise in Sept, for UDS $108, per person. I can't believe the low price but i can see why they are offering tickets for such s low price - to get people travelling agsin!
mary susan watkins 1
ok..yikes.. i wish them well..i wonder what their ad campaign will be.."don't just stay at home..take the virus with you in your travels"????
Dave Hahn -4
I read where they are thinking of permission to use the toilet to keep the Chinese flu ( that is what it is ) from spreading

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