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Frontier Airlines Drops $39 Middle Seat Option

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill lashed out Wednesday against Frontier Airlines over the budget carrier’s move to charge passengers extra to guarantee they will sit next to an empty middle seat while flying during the coronavirus outbreak. ( עוד...

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MultiComm 2
This is good. I first read about it yesterday and thought it was a dumb idea but then again these LCCs have a part of their business model to charge extra for everything compared to majors/legacies just doing the best for their customer without the premium and in most cases right now a heavily discounted ticket price.

mary susan watkins 1
that is a wise one would actually pay to have a vacant set next to them,particularly when the flight are so empty...
MultiComm 1
I think they are predicting flights to return to 75% capacity a little sooner than reality however I will say that the Delta flight this morning that I was on. had three quarter of all rows full (excluding middle seats). People are traveling again. It’s only a matter of time before planes are full again (assuming social distancing is relaxed or less necessary).

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