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16-Year-Old Pilot Using Spare Time To Fly Medical Supplies To Rural Hospitals In Virginia

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While most teens may be home playing videos games, browsing social media and taking online classes, TJ Kim is using his quarantine time to help deliver much needed medical supplies to various rural hospitals in Virginia. ( עוד...

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Nick Meyer 2
Awesome TJ. Thanks for supporting the health care system.
alfred mebane -1
So why not just drive them? I think its great he's delivering supplies, but its not like a plane is required. Good excuse to do fly while doing something good, admittedly.
racerxx 3
“ Stuck at home, a 16-year-old Maryland teen decided to put his piloting lessons towards a greater good.”
Timothy Collins 2
Amen. I couldn't Agree More.
James Simms 2
Any bit of good news requires someone to rain on their parade. Get a life instead of being miserable the rest of your life.

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