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American Airlines Donates More Than 81,000 Pounds Of Food Across The Country

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American Airlines donates more than 81,000 pounds of food across the country, including food banks in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix who received donations. The airline partnered with Feeding America to help restock their dwindling supplies. ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 4
delta airlines is doing a similar thing..that is truly sharing and caring..
Flightag News 2
It's really nice to see what the airlines are doing.
MSU Sparty 3
Ok thats nice American.....maybe you could donate to the refund you still owe me!
Muchits 1
The food donated was already purchased ahead of the pandemic for in-flight and loyalty club operations. BTW Go Spartans!
Ben Bosley 2
It was going to expire and would've been required to throw it out. At least this way it doesn't go to waste and American gets a charity tax write-off
Muchits 1
Yes exactly! Delta is donating over 200,000 pounds
Ben Bosley 1
Have you tried doing a card charge-back?

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