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Las Vegas Airport Tower Controller confirmed with COVID-19

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Just like Midway airport, KLAS is currently uncontrolled with airplanes using advisory frequency for takeoffs and landings. ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 5
it is said that now this virus not just affecting "the elderly",(basically to be considered people over 60)but even those in their 20's and 30' man mentioned today is 50,and one person in my area is 40..a virus really doesn't discriminate..we still need people in those control towers despite technology..i wish the person well and I do hope others he might have been around are ok..
alex hidveghy 1
I’m pretty sure that tower person was not over 60.....
Also, a new born overseas succumbed. So, it’s a false notion that ONLY elderly get it. In fact, as the days go on, more and more under 60s are getting it. This type of virus does not discriminate according to age. It goes for the path of least resistance and type of lifestyle/work as well as environment.
Ken Lane 1
You are entirely correct though your assumption is based on ignorance rather than fact.

Controllers have a mandatory retirement age of 56. In fact, they may not begin FAA academy training beyond their 31st birthday.

As I clearly stated elsewhere, it also affects those who have an immune deficiency which is usually caused by another ailment. Most such ailments are respiratory and coronary.
Brad Littlejohn 2
Quite possibly the only truthful thing you have posted in this squawk.

And no, that was not sarcasm.
Ken Lane 0
There was nothing inaccurate about any of my other posts, either.

And, I don't see you putting forth factual data.
Brad Littlejohn 3
Seeing that my wife now has this, and has previously succumbed to TWO submassive pulmonary embolisms, I don't need to put forth any factual data, as I can easily go to the hospital tonight and see everything with my own two eyes that puts your useless drivel to shame. But in for a sheep.

You claim that the flu has caused more deaths than COVID-19. If you take Italy into account, and adjust for the amount of land to make it equal to the US, you will see that COVID proportionately has killed MORE than the flu has this year.

Want to talk hoax? From Trump in January: We're completely on top of it, nothing to worry about, go on.

From Trump in February: "This will be gone in 3 weeks! The stock market is looking good now, go invest!" "This is nothing but a hoax by the Democrats!"

From Trump the week of March 1st: "This will be gone by April!"

Then everything hits. Yet you want to call this "hate on Trump". These are his own words put out of his mouth, by HIM. Then you want to deflect to "but..but.. What about China!?" Trump was warned about this well before the end of January, and did absolutely NOTHING. Then he wants to say that "I've been right a lot, I knew about this before!"? Pure true negligence on his part if he "knew about it before", and it cost people their lives. Negligence in part of someone's death.. isn't that manslaughter?

Full timeline here:

and here:

Oh, and to make it worse: The biggest advantage we would have had on this whole thing was the task force for Ebola, which Obama left Trump... Trump dismantled it.

See, there are 3 sides to every story: your side, my side, and the TRUTH. The TRUTH leaves your side with a huge smattering of cognitive dissonance that can not be reconciled. So you may want to go over your facts once again.
Ken Lane -1
Educate yourself.

Those most affected in lower ages are already suffering from ailments causing an immune deficiency.

As for what Trump said, I have no clue. And, you produced no direct transcript or video showing he actually said that. I'd place a greater bet on a comment regarding April being taken out of context.

As for the "hoax" comment, he was referring to how the media and leftist politicians were hyping it up in such a fashion to hurt him. I repeatedly see that by Texas' own Lloyd "DogFace" Doggett. These pieces of crap hate Trump more than they love their nation and they're doing everything they can to destroy him and hurt his chances for reelection.

I've read plenty and I read a wider variety than the liberal Guardian. I certainly do not follow Politifact which is owned by the very left-leaning Tampa Bay Times. Actually, it's owned by the same holding company in the supposed effort to distance themselves from their own political bias put forth as fact. They've had no shortage of twisting the facts or intentionally omitting data in order to fit their narrative. Try again. Pew Research leans left but is far more honest.

Trump did not dismantle anything. He does not micromanage agencies. Find some more accurate sources. There were people who left a particular area of the CDC. They were not replaced. When did Trump become responsible for individual hires at lower levels of agencies?

Even the left-leaning Politifact does not accept the "Trump fired" nonsense.

I don't have a side other than this crap has caused me harm in my business and my personal liberty. I live at home. I work at home. One of my few benefits to enjoy the fruits of my labor is my wife and I enjoying dinner out to get away from it all. Or, weekend trips somewhere for enjoyment. That's being blocked by the liberal BS put forth. Yes, some have carryout. But, much of the enjoyment of buying a $30 steak is having someone else serve you and paying them for their efforts.

I laid out a good many facts. Read my other, rather lengthy post on the matter. I address how it has been blown out of proportion compared to past viruses and most certainly the difference in response between what party's administration is in office. If you're not seeing the drastic difference now and in 2009, you're choosing to be blind or you were asleep a decade ago.

I'm sorry for your wife's illness. I truly hope she recovers and continues a happy life for many years to come.
Ken Lane 1
It affects those with greater chance of immune deficiencies. That is a large portion of the older population. It has far less effect on children.

It's the opposite effect of H1N1 and there is logic behind that.
Pa Thomas 4
They have also shut down the airspace. The NOTAMS, etc set this up until March 27th.
FDC 0/9150 looks like it covers the exact airspace of LAS airport. The flow control for LAS looks like the arrival rate is 10. That means 10 per hour.
Brad Littlejohn 5
Field is being treated as untowered, with tower frequency being CTAF. L30 is handling flights in, but ugh.. that’s an ATCT, so the TRACON is downstairs from the tower. If they get hit with it, good luck with any flights in or out.

The LiveATC feeds there should be interesting for the next few weeks.
C J 2
L30 is closing down now.
william baker 2
I have a bad feeling this isnt going to turn out well. That many planes with no atc sounds like a recipe for distaster.
Brad Littlejohn 2
The TRACON is still open, so they can sequence everything in and out. right now, it is down to 1 in/1 out every 10 minutes. so traffic is very light.
Peter Creary 2
I live close to the airport and can monitor the frequencies. It’s like a busy GA airport without a control tower. Traffic flow has been reduced to about 25% of the normal movements. It’s very orderly. IFR read backs over radio and void times if not off by. The way we all still sometimes do it.
Brad Littlejohn 1
That's how it is for me as well. I'm up by KVGT, so I'm always listening in on everything. up to this point, they're treating the field as Class E with Class B above it, while KVGT is class D. But now hearing that L30 is shutting down, ZLA will have to absorb the airspace. While I have a copy of the LAS ATCT/L30 LOA I'm not sure what the LOA is for between L30 and ZLA. this is going to be an interesting listen on the freqs now..
alex hidveghy 1
Being a local and knowing a thing or two about aviation, I can tell you, this had an immediate impact in diverting some planes elsewhere and reducing the arrival rates to 8-10 and hour. That’s about one quarter the normal rate. However, no International flights for the past 3 days....
Brad Littlejohn 1
Agreed. Being in the valley for 20 years now, there aren't many places that arrivals can divert. AAY has a small base down at KIFP, but everyone else would have to divert to KSLC, KPHX, KONT, or KLAX with the field being locked up for every arrival to cancel IFR before a departure can be launched, plus L30 shutting down the 19s (only the 26s are being used) that decreases capacity immensely.

right now, the entire valley is like a bloody ghost town..
ADXbear 1
Just matter of time..the airspace will slow or shut down..
Jim Ward 1
There are no reported cases of the virus at Vostok
Station in the Antarctica.
Ken Lane 3
The ultimate "social distancing".

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

alex hidveghy 0
No, you’re very wrong! This transcends politics and yoyr a bigger fool if you don’t understand that! I’m a front line professional essential worker, so I know first hand what is bullshit and what is not. You are entitled to your opinion even if it’s false but I have to deal with reality! Every day. And the virus causing all this doesn’t care yoyr politics either!
Keep telling yourself that, bud....
How about the president dou * a complete 180 from a week ago when he clearly stated it was a hoax, huh? Now he’s flibbin* and is out of his depth clearly. Even those surrounding him and I mean the experts in their field, winch every time he opens his mouth. Trump will pay the price, it’s inevitable now.
John Georg 2
Ken Lane -1
I explained myself and with far more than opinion.

And, educate yourself. He said the bogus media reporting about it is a hoax.

If you cannot see that you're as stupid as they come.
alex hidveghy 1
Bogus media? Where? I watch international sources as well as domestic. Not a single one says what you are saying. Not one. Only one person is saying bogus and fake. I can assure you I’m very well educated otherwise I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in. FWIW, I have far more information on the subject than many here - that includes you.

Join the crowd....
Ken Lane 1
Again, educate yourself. Stop quoting the media taking things out of context.

From his South Carolina rally:

"One of my people came up to me and said, “Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.” That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything. They tried it over and over. They’d been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning. They lost. It’s all turning. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax."

He was referring to the way the media and the left were handling the matter and the news. They were blowing it up with every single word intended to hurt Trump.

As I said, the left in this nation hates Trump worse than they love their nation. Bill Maher has even said on his show he hopes the economy tanks so Trump loses the election.

The left has made it a hoax rather than preaching good practices. Their words and actions are destroying the economy, the market and people's livelihoods.
Ken Lane -6
For those voting my comment down, where is my comment wrong? If you don't understand that you're clearly ignorant of what is being said by the media and the politicians.

Apply your own common sense... Where was the same idiocy thrown out there by media when H1N1 virus came to this soil? Hint: It didn't happen. In fact, more than a thousand people died before there was any government action whatsoever.

More importantly, they did not shut down the economy, force businesses to close and airlines were not driven to the point they started begging for federal help to remain afloat.
Ashley Grant 4
H1N1 killed 12,469 people in the US out of the nearly 61 million that it infected. The chances of dying from H1N1 was 0.02%. Worldwide, COVID-19 has killed (as of the moment I'm writing this) 11,311 people out of the 272,367 confirmed cases worldwide. That is a 4% death rate, or 200x more deadly. But there's not enough testing you say? Ok, fine, let's say there's an order of magnitude more cases than have been reported and all of those folks have survived or will survive. That is still a 0.4% rate of death for this virus. That's 20x more deadly than H1N1. If we cannot stop the spread of the virus and the entire US population gets the virus, then we're looking at over 1 million deaths at a 0.4% death rate.

THAT is why your comment is wrong. YOU are the ignorant one. I don't know where you are getting your news, but you should clearly choose a different source.
Ken Lane -4
Educate yourself, fool. Learn to stop jumping to conclusions and apply perspective.

Over 8,000 of the roughly 11,000 deaths are in just two nations, China and Italy.

The virus originated in China where they hid it and lied about it to the rest of the world in effort to protect their economy and sale of cheap products to most of the world. That explains half the deaths right there.

An issue not addressed widely enough is the affect based on age. It has a higher mortality rate on those older than sixty.

Italy has the fifth highest median age in the world. About 23% of Italy’s population is 65 or older. If you include those over age 55 that number jumps to 37%. The median age is 47.3, compared to 38.3 in the United States, according to the United Nations. The median age is expected to be 54 by 2050. Some will attribute that to longevity but it's actually due to a lower birth rate. Italy ranks at 217 out of 233 nations and locales being recorded.

Many of those who have died in Italy already suffered from serious illnesses that put them in grave danger. It is indisputable age also brings a lesser immune system and related illnesses from respiratory to coronary at the top.

If it were purely a matter of percentage, Japan should be suffering far worse than they are. Their population is 2.5 times that of Italy. But, Japan is far more healthier than much of the rest of the world and that is even with their median age being even higher than Italy.

Finally, they believe the virus was in Italy far earlier than February 20th which is the official date for the first case. It is believed hundreds of cases were treated as seasonal flu going back a few months with no one tested further.

Now, here's some contrast...

H1N1 had little effect on the older population. It is believed that was a result of exposure to an earlier version of the virus that resulted in some level of immunity. The greatest effect was on those under 44 down to tender age children but the most affected age range was 20-44. As with COVID-19, it also affects those with compromised immune systems.

Apply common sense. If you have a bad cold, what are you going to do? Stay home. Most anyone would. I've never gone to the doctor unless it's something that has had me down for a couple weeks or longer and I've had only two such occurrences in the last thirty years. I've been self-employed the last ten years so my exposure to anyone is very limited as it also for my wife.

Had the media and government simply told people to be vigilant of symptoms and told them to stay home if they're feeling any symptoms then go to the hospital if they become more severe, we'd have little to no effect in this nation. Instead, the economy is tanking and businesses and individuals are suffering severe financial hardships.

And, like it or not, a dishonest media that hates Trump is to blame. If you think I'm wrong then you need to take off your tunnel vision glasses and start scanning. If you apply the same stupidity while in instrument flight you're going to die.

My data comes from a variety of sources but in this case, Johns Hopkins. The data for my statistical analysis comes from the CIA.
Alex K 1
Eh, have you noticed that NY is up to almost 10K cases even with all the precautions in place? That is because asymptomatic spread is very common and your "common sense" breaks down. Anyway, no use arguing. Just wait 2 weeks. US deaths are at ~300 right now and will be in many thousands by then. But sure, the media.
Ken Lane 1
Have you paid attention to the news discussing temperature and the effect of the virus?

First, consider the far higher aged population in Florida. Yet, the number of cases in the is pretty low.

Now, compare it to New York. And, what are the differences in ambient temperature of both those regions?

Now, here's a bit on research to back it up. The first on this was put out late last week.
John Georg 2
STOP!!!!! Before you say another word, would you please turn on some cable news! Fox,CNN, MSNBC......something for God's sake! You must get your thoughts corrected
Ken Lane 2
I don't see you putting forth facts.

And, I do not watch cable news. Clearly, you did not even read my post.
John Georg 3
You may have missed my sarcasm....... sorry I wasn't more clear.
Ken Lane 2
My apologies. After dealing with Alex and Ashley I responded a bit in haste. Admittedly, I was puzzled by the grouping of Fox News along with the other networks given I'm usually accused of being a Fox News sycophant. Being self-employed, I watch little TV outside of a few favorite network shows and good movies.

I did not see your earlier link on the hysteria piece. Aaron Ginn got buried deep in factual data. No hyperbole! I'm guessing he learned his journalistic skills from outside the mainstream.
Alex K 2
CA, FL, LA, TX cases are growing and are 4 of the top 9 US states at the moment. I'll check back in a week to see how the "ambient temperature" argument is holding up. In the meantime, keep on deluding.
John Georg 0
Gosh darnit Ken......stop talking so logically and sensible. You are going to cause people to stop panicking if you're not careful!!!!!
Ken Lane 0
It's one of my major faults. It drives my wife nuts.
alex hidveghy 1
See my comment above. I clearly explained for ya!
theresa robertson 0

[This poster has been suspended.]

LethalThreat 15
Why are you bringing up politics nonsense on a aviation themed website? Totally off topic.
Wolfgang Prigge 4
Don’t waste your time, just downvote to make him disappear. If you fell like it you can also report him to get him blocked.
alex hidveghy 2
Because some people are real jerks!

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