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FAA launches probe after in-flight incident reveals 12-inch crack on 737 jet

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The FAA said the aircraft was en route to Boise, Idaho, from Las Vegas on Monday and experienced a gradual loss of cabin pressure at one point before reaching the destination without any injury to the passengers. ( עוד...

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Larry White 2
Seems to me WN has been down this road before. I can't find the article just yet. Is this occurance due to the number of cycles,maintenance inspections or a/c age,etc?
linbb 3
Might have run out of things against Boeing to post who knows if its true that's on SW to get there stuff together as its a known AD note from long ago that still applies.
George Maidens 3
I had to read that about 5 times. Sentences, spelling
and punctuation please!
Robert Cowling 3
You poor special person. This isn't about being 'against Boeing', this is about being an indication that Southwest isn't doing their job to maintain the planes they fly living human beings in. If it's at all against Boeing, it's that the planes have a flaw that allows this condition to exist/develop, but if all such things were listed and released to the public, I doubt that anyone would ever want to get on a plane ever again.

So this isn't 'against Boeing', this is 'against Southwest'.
Wolfgang Prigge -2
The only person as bad as a blind Airbus fan boy is a blind Boeing fan boy.
Robert Cowling 2
So is Southworst not doing 'due diligence' on the FAA air worthiness directives?

Lessening regulation will encourage Southworst to cut even more corners and endanger passenger lives.

Why does it seem to be that only large losses of life bring focus on lax regulation, and cheap corporations hoping their money saved offsets the expected losses.

THIS is why I feel that the FAA should be the cheerleader, and the NTSB should be the regulator for the air carrier businesses. Having one agency with dual duties makes it incredibly more likely that the 'regulator speak' gets drowned out in the 'cheer-leading floor show'. It's too easy for big money to bend politicians. The FAA should be out of the regulation business. *shrug*
Frank Harvey 2
Coke cans and pop rivets, then bondo and flat silver rustoleum.
Larry White 1
WHAT?? No duct(duck) tape? or some of that whatever it's called,, 'speed tape'??
Frank Harvey 1
Duck/Duct/Speed tape is visible. You don't want a structural repair to be noticable. So if you depress the coke-can-and-rivet patch just below the skin surface then smooth over them with a thin layer of filler (to "avoid disturbing the airflow) and paint over the whole area it becomes invisible to the naked eye.

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