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Air Canada Launches 6 Hour Airbus A220 Flight To Los Angeles

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Air Canada has announced it will begin operating an Airbus A220-300 on its route from Montreal to Los Angeles ( עוד...

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airuphere 7
They still have the 787 operating the route - this will replace the 319 runs I’m guessing. I’d rather the 220 then the CRJ 5+ hour flights to Huston.
James Simms -5
Thomas Frisch 5
It's always a red-letter day when Air Canada rolls out a modern aircraft to replace their usual 25 year-old A320s or the 30 year-old B767s still toiling away on overseas routes.
pawsnursery47 3
Using flight number 797? After the disaster in 1983?
Matt West 2
I was surprised by that as well. I guess they don't always retire a number as American still uses Flight 1, even though there have been two fatal incidents with that associated number.
Stewart Smith 1
I like A220 BUT I also am perfectly happy with 767's provided that the upholstery and sound systems are in good condition. What would a passenger have against 767's? Airlines are phasing them out because of less good fuel economy and increased maintenance costs due to age, but passengers mostly like this model!
Chris B 0
Its an A320 currently.
They have the Max penciled in for later this year, but that obviously can and is changing.

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Gary Ondrey -1
What an ass you are ! What does Trump have to do with any of this ? Typical Dimwitocrat. Still spewing hate and can't get over the fact that Trump won and is doing a fantastic job. Waaa Waaa

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