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A Republic Airways E175 failure could be similar to 737 MAX issue

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A failure, which happened during a Republic Airways Embraer E175 flight last year in November, is reminiscent of what led the two 737 MAX to crash, investigators found. ( עוד...

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linbb -1
OMG cannot be true it was not a Boeing jet the humanity of it all...………………...try posting problems with other brands of AC not just your much hated Boeing. Am wondering, did you think it was built by Boeing?
From the article we now know that:
"NTSB said it found evidence of chafed wires, which caused a short circuit that appears to have triggered the issue."
That said, perhaps before posting, a bit more understanding of both 737 Max and E-Series issues is in order.
Viv Pike 1
Maybe read this and get an "understanding" of a potential "737 Max Issue".

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