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Iran says it ‘unintentionally’ shot down Ukrainian jetliner

Iran announced Saturday that its military “unintentionally” shot down the Ukrainian jetliner that crashed earlier this week, killing all 176 aboard, after the government had repeatedly denied Western accusations that it was responsible. ( More...

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Greg S 5
Of course it was unintentional. We may be adversaries but I can't believe Iran would intentionally shoot down an airliner over Tehran that just took off from their own international airport.
We made the same mistake in 1988 , Iran Air flight 655 .
Check it out on line , Wikipedia has the most info . 290 dead .
Sorry to say , but shit happens .
Sam Culpepper -1
It was a setup by the Iranians the transponder code was set wrong.
Chris B 3
Going to put this link here. Its a Report from the BBC containing disturbing images of the downed aircraft before authorities cleansed the site.
Daniel Stein 5
This reminds of the way Ronald Reagan told everyone, "Mistakes were made."

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Highflyer1950 -9
Maybe if that “great president” had not fired a missile from a US drone, tensions would never been that high and a civilian airliner would still be intact today? Too easy for some to sit in their easy chair and spout how to rest of the world should live and whether or not their families should pay the ultimate price......just for visiting their friends and relatives. Time to take the blinders off and the ear plugs out and vote for someone with an IQ larger then their shoe size..

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George Cottay 16
Please keep your political opinions to yourself.
RECOR10 -4
(edit: "should" as opposed to "would"

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Highflyer1950 8
Better yet, why not ask the Canadian families who lost their loved ones as a result of this nutbars’ shortsightedness. BTW, all caps And a foul mouth? Always wondered about people who prefer killing to dialogue, I guess we wonder no more! Thanks for confirming.
djames225 4
WOW. So the only families that mattered were the American families?? DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU that a clandestine operation might have led to a much better solution?? 1 WHERE A WHOLE DANG AIRLINER DID NOT GET TAKEN OUT, EVEN BY "ACCIDENT"??
Greg S 3
Amazing, you're blaming Trump for the Iranians shooting down an airliner! How can you or anyone else be so stupid.
djames225 3
If you will look, instead of insulting people, I was replying to Robert's reply, if you want to get all huffy about it.
BTW, there is NOTHING stupid about clandestine operations. They happen all the time. The poor General could have had a heart attack, become violently ill and passed, or numerous other things, instead of chest thumping "look what we did" at a government you know is unstable. Would the airliner, then, have been accidentaly shot down, killing some friends, or missiles released against a base in Iraq, where Canadian service men were also located?? Please think before calling people stupid!
joel wiley 4
3 days to acknowledge responsibility. Remarkably candid for a country seems to me.
War zones aren't the most healthy of places.
Greg S 2
Well, they did wait until someone published a video of the missile intercept. In those three days you can bet they were trying to find some plausible way to deny it was them, so don't give them too much credit. But yes, the Iranians are certainly more honest than the Russians.
bbabis 0
If because of or partly by this tragedy a regime change happens in Iran that makes the Middle East a better place, then the loss would not be in vain.
john doe 3
"Be careful what you wish for."
joel wiley 2
Something to be hoped for, but regime change could go in the other direction as well.
AWAAlum 0
I'm feeling desperately uninformed. How can one unintentionally shoot down an airliner?
Adam zeliger 0
Unintentionally act is one person that mistakenly do something wrong. anti aircraft missile launch are a team work that involved many people, including the highest officers of the air force.
Greg S 1
The entire chain of command could've made a mistake, it's not that hard to believe since it's happened before. If it was intentional, that fact may emerge someday.
Actually, the Iranians shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane unintentionally twice.
Sam Culpepper 1
yes they intentionally shot at the plane 2 times.
AWAAlum 1
I believe Ron Streetenberg's comment is mocking the "unintentional" claim.
AWAAlum 0
II never imagined there was anything about this story that would make me laugh. I was wrong.
Carl Smeraldi -5
Keep dreaming baby , can you believe these terrorists killers ........they knew exactly what they were doing . Don’t believe the hype chuck PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBA ONE RAP GROUP NYC YEAR 1988. .
Even though the media was saying it was engine failure without even having someone analyze the black boxes.
joel wiley 1
The engines did 'fail' just like any death can be attributed to "heart failure'


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