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Boeing says delays on 737 MAX grounding could force it to halt production

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Significant additional regulatory requirements or delays in returning Boeing Co’s (BA.N) 737 MAX to commercial service could cause it to cut or temporarily halt production of the aircraft, it said in a letter seen by Reuters on Thursday. ( עוד...

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Torsten Hoff 6
Boeing really is up the creek here. They are out of places where they can store undelivered aircraft, I’m sure that if they could stack the planes, they would.

And even if storage space wasn’t a problem, they wind up financing the production of aircraft they can’t sell or deliver. They have to pay assemblers and technicians, suppliers of raw materials and components, and contracted services.

Not only is Boeing not getting paid by the buyers who can’t take delivery, they are also faced with financial penalties for not delivering the contracted planes.

And when this mess is finally resolved, they will have to scramble and increase production to catch up with their delivery schedules.
a w 7
and people will still wonder if it is safe , or if Boeing paid administrators to allow it to fly.
Leo Aubry 1
And there goes Safety again.
John Miller 3
They tried to save a few bucks, and are now paying the price.
Roy Talbot 5
Stop production and it should be made to go through the new plane certification process. There have been too many versions.
Yeah, make 'em desparate and in a hurry. That'll help.
mark gerrard 2
They're already desperate and in a hurry that's why they are laying the guilt trips
Shutting the line down won't help anyone.
Geoff Stone 2
It is synonymous to a cancer where the patient ignores the symptoms. The the medicos apply chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment extends the life of the patient but eventually succumbs to the illness or the treatment.

If Boeing are to survive they may have to halt production permanently as the plane will no longer be trusted by airlines, and dare I say it, the travelling public. Already I hear friends saying the fly with xx airline as they use Airbus. Australians have to travel great distances by air so this nervousness is anticipated. Folks not from the USA have no allegiance to Boeing.
mark gerrard 2
Anyone else think this is bribery by the back door? They are laying the threat of the livelihood of thousands of employees at the feet of regulators hoping sympathy will get things done quicker.
ian mcdonell 1
About time - amazing that the board have waited so long

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