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Photos: First Airbus A380 Scrapped In Tarbes

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The first Airbus A380 to be decommissioned has been successfully scrapped as of Wednesday. After being announced over a year ago, the deconstruction process has taken roughly 11 months, having begun earlier this year. The news comes several months after Airbus announced that production of the A380, which has been underway since 2007, would be terminated in 2021. The aircraft was flown by Singapore Airlines for 10 years. ( עוד...

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LethalThreat 2
Wow, honestly I thought that it would be a few more years before airlines would start scrapping these birds. Disappointing to say the least.
dnorthern 0
Didn’t last long.
Don Quixote -2
Lol, already scrapped. What a failure of a plane.
Don Quixote -3
Try beating the Queen of the Skies, Airbus. Looks like your gas guzzler is already heading for the exit sign!
Viv Pike 2
With any and all due respect, you're starting to "sound" like the MH370 of Boeing. Just saying.
LethalThreat 2
The 747 will definitely outlast the A380 because of the freighter option/conversion available. Otherwise the days of the quad jet would be numbered.

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