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Hyundai hires a NASA engineer to run its new 'flying car' division

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Today, Hyundai threw its hat into the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ring. The company announced that it's working to develop its own flying vehicles. Hyundai appointed Dr. Jaiwon Shin as head of its new UAM division. Most recently, Shin led NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. At Hyundai, Shin and his team will be tasked with developing the core technologies behind the company's flying vehicles. ( עוד...

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Richard Fox 4
It will take 1,000 noise complaints, 500 delays, 5 near-misses, and just 1 collision / hacking / system failure to bring this so called utopia back to reality.
lynx318 3
Anyone else thinking Doc Brown's Delorean?
Donald Crane 2
Do you mean that we are moving Back to the Future?
Dennis Stockton 1
I'm thinking of the post-WWII advertisments that all suburbanites would be owning helicopters to commute to work.
Larry Loffelmacher 2
Making engine noises in your flying car in the front yard is a lot different than being at 6,500ft in moderate turbulence with a crosswind waiting at the airport. The big drone with AI will most likely be the solution for short Jetson flights around cities.
Grommit12 1
vroom vroom!!
patrick baker 2
is it possible for brilliant engineering to overcome not smart operators of whatever this silliness is called: flying car, personal air vehicle- if you wanna fly, get a physical, find a flight instructor, and fly a cessna or piper training aircraft. This is great in the jetsons or other comic book creations, and pretty good in Back to the Future, and bruce willis flew a ugly yellow cab in some other forgetable movie, but real life, with the degree of stupid prevelant: not a good idea
Torsten Hoff 5
I’m sure some people will scoff at this and dismiss it, but this type of technology is the future, and having a company like Hyundai pushing it will make it accessible and eventually commonplace.
linbb -3
Oh yes the future guess you are new to this tech of flying cars its old retread news that keeps being tried and failing. Knew Molt Taylor somewhat years back his idea sort of worked but no better than anything since. In fact its less likely now than before as every time someone comes up with a new way to fleece some people trying to do it ends in failure.
Torsten Hoff 2
Don’t take “car” literally, think personal transportation. Many of these vehicles won’t have road wheels at all and will take off and land vertically. They will look like oversized multi-rotor drones.
Albert Sauerman 1
Look up "flying car costs". If you can afford $290,000 to $400,000, go for it. An article to read is Not to mention running out of fuel, look at insurance. Current rules would be under ultra-lite aircraft.
patrick baker 0
these vehicles could display new heights of agressive driving (armed and unarmed drivers), acrobatic drunk driving tag teams, fearful death counts with driving the wrong way on a one-way lane, - you get the image: and automotive deaths were on a decline , but not with these new zamakazi-mobiles

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