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Boeing deliveries are at historical low

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Boeing delivered only 18 aircraft in August 2019, keeping the commercial aircraft manufacturer on track for the lowest annual total in the last eight years. ( עוד...

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airuphere 3
Well of course they’re low.. they’re all in the parking lot.. the 737 is running at a reduced production rate for oblivious reasons - so that would bring down Boeing’s overall output - yet the headline and summary read as if nobody is ordering the planes..
dapkarian 2
If you truly think Boeing is going away anytime soon...we’ll I have a bridge to see you in NYC.
Leo Aubry 2
See= sell, I guess.

Boeing bullying as Trumpp is and flexing only deserve wath's comming, like asking 300% taxe increase and whatever pressure they can muster. Spit in the air and it falls right back in your face.
siriusloon 1
Any minute now, DonQuixote will post that it's all fake news, that everybody is biased against Boeing, yadda yadda yadda, etc, etc, *yawn*.

Cut him some slack. Those three shares of Boeing's at-risk stock he owns and his self-appointed job as Boeing's chief apologist have really stressed him out, so he'll be more panicked and shrill than usual.
linbb 1
Yes its too bad, that he doesn't troll some where else on say the tree cutting in Oregon or taking dams down.

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