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FAA Reassigns Senior Managers in Office Overseeing Southwest Airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration has removed three senior managers in the office overseeing Southwest Airlines Co. , amid allegations of lax safety enforcement raised by agency whistleblowers and various resulting government inquiries, according to people familiar with the matter. The Transportation Department’s inspector-general has been looking into some of the safety issues for many months, these people said, including lapses by the airline in documenting maintenance for more than 100 of… ( More...

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Chris B 6
I hate articles hidden behind paywalls.

Read all about it here:

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Robert Cowling -2
So this is about trying to hold Southwest to higher standards, and their lobbying money getting them out of it? I'm amazed at how many times Southwest has been cited for flying planes with passengers that were deemed unfit. I'll never fly Southwest, but many people swear by them. And Walmart too. PASS!
sparkie624 2
No... It is about hold Southwest to the Same Standard as all the other airlines.
bentwing60 3
Folks that know a stellar safety record (or not) fly SWA and folks that shop at my Walmart drive Mercedes, Audis, and new Suburbans. Guess it's your choice.
bentwing60 3
And if you can't word it any better than "with passengers that were deemed unfit" as opposed to the airplanes, I won't ask for any references. LOL semantics.
william baker 1
Now now bentwings lets get along here. Were all wrong some of the time lol.
william baker 1
Shut up lmfao. I’m blaming it on the phone.
I swear I had a few commas in there. 'has been cited for flying planes, with passengers, that were deemed unfit.'
Ron Slater 4
Why does SW land at higher ref speeds, taxi like they are in a nascar race, and run off the ends of runways more than any other airline except Indian Airlines?
sparkie624 8
It is the embedded idea that everything has to be done fast to stay on schedule... At any cost... the nose gear that was put into the Electronics bay, after 2 go arounds that the FO missed the approach stated to the FO that just had 2 missed approaches.... Let me take it, if we do not make it this time, we will not make our schedule.... She landed nose first without flaring.... It is the environment that the company has instilled in the employees forever... Time is the most valuable commodity above all else... I used to work for them.... It was a learning experience and not a good one.
GraemeSmith 2
Because they are paid by the trip. Not by time door closed to open. SWA are always asking for Direct where possible. I kid you not.
sparkie624 2
Interesting... Says a lot of what I have been saying for years.... Now lets see if they can make some real changes!
william baker 2
Make some changes. I agree with you the issue is everyone is trying to cut cost and when you cut cost you lose safety.
ibirm 3
I wouldn't be surprised if all airlines are a little more lax on safety then they should be. A plane that isn't flying can't be profitable, so I'm sure its not just Southwest doing this.
ken young 2
Most airline users know the game.
Many pax tote baggage they know is over sized for carry on.
So, the bag is deemed oversized and then checked. This adds weight to the below deck cago area. And in turn increases the weight that has already been calculated.
So here's my idea.
Instead of the crew checking the bag down to the cargo hold, simply ban the article altogether.
Leave it behind. Or the offending pax can rebook on a later flight.
It's that simple
It's time for air carriers to insist upon personal responsibility.
john kilcher 1
Good luck with that proposal. It ain't gonna happen!
Kris Durbin 2
This is another article from mainstream media that poorly articulates the issues and does not well present any newsworthy information, other than to suggest Southwest has sub-standard safety procedures, which has NOT been proven.

Sounds to me like Southwest has been lucky, not that they are 'safe', and this is just a few issues from a google search. *shrug* Cheap airlines that are still profitable are cutting costs somewhere. Maintenance is a HUGE cost for an air carrier. The temptation to cut maintenance has to be great. I'm just saying I'm not comfortable climbing on a plane run by a company with so many violations. If you are, and lots of people are, good for you...


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