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Frontier Could Disrupt Transatlantic Flights With Airbus A321XLR Purchase

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At this time, Frontier flies to destinations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada. While no new routes have yet been announced, it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for this low-cost carrier. With the acquisition of the A321XLR, Frontier will have the ability to take on transatlantic routes to the U.K. and Western continental Europe. From Frontier’s main hub in Denver, Colorado we can see that many transatlantic destinations are within reach: ( עוד...

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SmokedChops 8
intriguing. I have flown FFT from DSM to DEN to LAS several times, great crew, new aircraft [last one I was on was delivered 3 months earlier]. that said, 2:45 in the 'ass-burn-of-death' seats was about the limit, 7 hours would require in inordinate amount of schnapps. If they do transatlantic, they may have to adjust some of their cabin 'features' i.e. passenger comfort {you know, the people who pay to make the thing go...}. If the difference between a legacy with comfort and without all of the nickel and dime-ing, is not ridiculously more money after all is said and done, FFT better have an airtight business case model to make it worth it. We shall wait and see.
djames225 1
From what I have heard of their "sardine can" seats, your description and comments typical of this “paid for a carry on, paid for a beverage and paid to have my butt hurt after 3 hr flight, would have been cheaper going on another "non canned flight” I don't think they can do it. I cannot see them changing seat configurations as they have not done so in the past. Been told Frontier is the US version of Ryanair, and I will never fly them again.
MultiComm 1
Didn’t WOW try and fail at this low cost trans-Atlantic model?
kevin rusch 1
Yeah, SmokedChops is right. I fly FFT all the time from Denver, and I can put up with a lot for a 3-hour flight. 8 hours in those seats would be an absolute dealbreaker.
MSU Sparty 1
The writer of the article is a huge proponent of Airbus. That being said, Frontier does not have the infrastructure or working capital to be a "disruption" on the Transatlantic routes going up against Delta, Virgin, BA, KLM, AF, LH, AC, United, Emirates, and AA. Just not going to be a factor, though the author is obviously is looking for readers.
Ben Deneweth 1
There are some seasonal routes from DEN that could work. DEN-DUB, DEN-BCN. It could also probably do DEN-Hawaii.

East coast would be tricky because F9's strongest East Coast markets all don't have any or sufficient FIS facilities or too much competition. I can see maybe CVG-DUB, CVG-LGW/STN, RDU-DUB, RDU-BCN, CLE-DUB, CLE-LON, CLE-ORY.
Harold Dola 0
Is there any chance that Airbus could experience MAX-like issues arising from the extended fuselage and bigger engines?
djames225 2
The A321XLR uses same engines, fuselage as A321 NEO.

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