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Chicago-to-Frankfurt United flight diverted

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CHICAGO (AP) — A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, made an unscheduled stop in Canada due to a communications malfunction. United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson says Flight 940 was . . . ( עוד...

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Jim Woelber 0
Kudos....better safe than sorry.
Jeff Lawson 0
The flight mentioned is []

Casey Strickland 0
I'm going with Jim on this :) rather be safe than sorry.
sierra reum 0
We've seen catastrophe happen before from choosing NOT to divert....I agree with you two.
souvlaki 0
The avionics on a $250M aircraft can't handle a splash of coffee!? Get ready for mandatory sippy-cups on the flight deck.
ansonj 0
Avionics & liquid don't mix. A Bloody Mary & a King Air's autopilot didn't like each other on a flight from Houston to Jackson Hole and had to land in Denver to be cleaned. The only thing I had left was the heading bug. We needed a sippy-cup!!! It was only a $5,000.00 Bloody Mary!!!
Paul Claxon 0
If I was the owner of the liquid avionics catastrophe flight, the crew would be back flying a C-172 at Acme Flight Training School if my ski schedule was screwed up !
Gene spanos 0
Better safe than sorry - as stated.
Nice job to the pilot.
At least he was not in the "Can"
when decision was made to divert.
Jeff Lawson 0
This other news article has a little more detail on what occurred: []

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