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Ryanair Surpasses New Safety Standards For Flight Tracking With GlobalBeacon

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Ryanair, Europe’s favorite low fares airline, today announced the deployment of GlobalBeacon, a live flight monitoring platform that combines FlightAware’s data processing capabilities and web-interface with global flight tracking coverage from AireonSM. ( עוד...

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Kobe Hunte 3
Bill Waters 1
Excellent move.

john doe 1
Kudos to RyanAir for... complying with regulations.
Alberto Orero 1
Usefull tool!!. Congratulations!!!
Tracking ... I suppose as their flights are quite often late, it gives family and friends some relief, while waiting. Not to mention the stuck on the ground or stuck in a hot cabin passenger who can do stationary tracking. As for "favorite": is this an advertorial?
Nigel Maude -4
So what is new, you have been able to track Easyjet flights for some time on your phone!
Another political advertising stunt, nodoubt.
siriusloon -4
How much extra will they overcharge every passenger (and probably the crew) for keeping them safe (not that they're supposed to do that)?

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