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American Airlines, Southwest Flight Attendants Ask Carriers to Ground Boeing 737 MAX Planes After Crash

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines flight attendants and ground crews urged the companies to take their Boeing 737 Max airplanes out of service after other carriers around the world suspended the jets following a fatal crash in Ethiopia over the weekend, the workers' unions said Tuesday ( More...

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Shenghao Han 5
Someone at Boeing is losing sleep
Ric Wernicke 11
At the moment no one knows the cause of the 737 MAX crashes, and I would hesitate to take one until the investigations pinpoint the problem.

What concerns me more is the airlines putting 200 hour pilots in the cockpit of large passenger jets.
That there hasn't been a crash with a US flagged carrier doesn't prove the planes are safe, and that all the crashes so far have been with foreign flagged carriers doesn't prove it's not safe. That the plane is getting more complex seems true, so this could all come down to pilot training, and experience. A recent unrelated crash happened because the pilots 'forgot how a plane flies'. At this point, and until the cause of the Ethiopian crash is determined, not flying the planes seems histrionic. Requiring pilots to have more training rather than less is the salient point here. Under-trained and inexperienced pilots is the issue. The industry in this country doesn't want to put much training into their pilots, because they see training as being expensive compared to the chances of a crash. The same is true for trucking companies. Why those industries continuously want to walk the line between safe and unsafe is disgusting and crazy. *shrug* So much of regulation is reactive rather than proactive, and the flying and driving population pay the price.
rob strong 8
Annnnnd grounded in the US.
kyle estep 3
Confirmed, Southwest has just grounded all 34 of its Max 8 aircraft.
pilotjag 1
Yuppp... Just posted a squawk about it
I was surprised to see several 737-8 Max planes heading for Singapore last night. I thought they banned them from flying to that airport.
If the aircraft doesn't have any discrepancy write up on the log book it can fly, also with a special permit from the local aviation agency or registered agency, you can relocate the airplane but with some limitations
Shenghao Han 1
I think “grounding” meant no revenue service allowed, airlines could still reposition them under certain conditions.
blueashflyer 3
ummm... I think Southwest has 24 of them flying several times everyday and you never hear a problem about that.
kyle estep 5
They currently have 34 Max 8 planes in service.
rob strong 4
Not anymore.

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mbrews 1
Checked whos flying em in world airspace March 13 1900 hours Zulu. Only 68 MAX 8 are airborne worldwide at that hour. Amounts to say 25% of worldwide fleet. Of USA airlines, majority in air are Southwest operations. American has quite a few from Miami to Carribean, also Miami to LGA and DCA. United still flying handful of MAX 9s out of IAH and from California to Hawaii. Having seen the flight trajectory of ill-fated Ethiopian, the worlds regulators conclude likely MCAS = MIGHT CRASH AIRPLANE SUDDENLY
American airlines just recently ended the "lifespan/service" of its much used md-80, in order to replace them with newer aircraft,including the 737 max..i wonder if they will be able to fill in routes they fly with that aircraft,until the end of april when the computer programming issue is fixed by boeing..since southwest has an all 737 fleet,and only 34 of the newest max aircraft in service,they may be able to cope with just some thing is for sure,none are allowed to fly without flight attendants, and if their unions say,no way, those airplanes will be grounded...
Coalora 1
For those of us who remember the DC-10 panic, this 737 panic is all too familiar. While we would all love for the media et. al. to allow the investigations to complete and release hard facts, this sadly isn't the way things are working.

It's worth noting that the Max 8 ban started in Europe, which has a vested interest in seeing Boeing take a hit.
Liam Henry 1
Looks like there is going to be a few employees furloughed if these planes are grounded. Mama told me “be careful what you wish for”.
steve jenney 9
rather be furloughed than plowed under
Steve B balko 0
Steve B balko 0
What happened to the days when a pilot flew an aircraft. Gone by the wayside! The autopilot has taken over
john krull 0
I would hesitate to note the fact that most of these 737 crashes were from foreign airline, but that does seem to be a factor. Also, the new system that was installed recently has seemed to play an important part in the reports as well.
I don't think that Trump grounding the fleet ws an UN necessary action. At least until something can be figured out.
Condolences to ALL families of all crashes recently.

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Steve Alcorn -2
Well, it sounds like these "unqualified persons" have the ear of the President and the FAA.
G R Mortenson -6


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