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Flybmi ceases operations

British Midland Regional Limited, the East Midlands-based airline which operates as flybmi, has today announced that it has ceased operations and is filing for administration. Flybmi operates 17 regional jet aircraft on routes to 25 European cities. All flights have been cancelled with effect from today. Customers who booked directly with flybmi should contact their payment card issuer to obtain a refund for flights which have not yet taken place. Customers who have booked flybmi flights via a… ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 3
Freddy Mercury sings; "And another one bites the dust..."
I learned to fly at East Midlands Airport in the 1970s and (then) Michael Bishop (their original owner) was a regular visitor to the Flying Club and operated out of a small office in the next building. Sad demise for the airline.
Chris Bryant 1
That's too bad. Flew them back in 2000 on the Heathrow - Leeds segment of my trip. They were a nice airline.
Bob Sullo 1
Flew with them in 2004. good service, good flights. it's a shame!
Mitch Mac 0
Shame I only flew with them twice but they were a great in every way.


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