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Delta has apologised after handing out 'creepy' Diet Coke napkins to passengers encouraging them to give their number to their 'plane crush'

Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola have apologised for handing out "creepy" Diet Coke napkins to passengers on board flights. Travellers have been sharing images of the napkins, which feature an array of messages encouraging fliers to flirt with fellow passengers, on Twitter. "Be a little old school. Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know..." reads one napkin. Another says: "Because you're on a plane full of interesting people and hey...… ( More...

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Mike Duralia 27
Should I be offended that no one gave me a napkin with a number on it? This is bringing back some pretty severe trauma from that 4th grade Valentine's Day party.....
lynx318 5
The female passengers that day were all nuns.
Ric Wernicke 2
I heard one FA was writing her number on napkins. When the number was dialed they answered "Western Pest Control."
paul trubits 1
I didn't get one either.
Willie Wonka 8
Ladies and Gentleman welcome aboard Flight 1500. Since today is Valentines Day we are going to play Delta MATCH. You are all cleared to begin flirting.If your seatmate requests you to enter pattern altitude please notify a flight attendant for your complimentary glass of champagne and a rose. Best of luck and may you have a turbulence free flight!
Unusual maybe, but creepy? Definitely not.
Anthony Hopson 10
This whole thing is ridiculous. The issue started when a single twitter user known as "duck sauce" complained. Most people viewed the campaign as positive but Delta & Coke deathly afraid of any social media backlash responded by apologizing and removing the offending napkins. There is nothing creepy about the napkins and as most people noted, "If you aren't interested in giving someone your number, don't write it down". It's sad that some companies are so afraid of a few infantile millennials that they cave at the slightest hint of dislike by a single childish person.
Frank Harvey 4
If a company wants to encourage this kind of behavior how about having a couple of baskets with a choice of stick on badges at the gate. One is green and is preprinted "I am willing to chat", and has room to write a first name, the other is red, preprinted "Please don't talk to me". As pax are about to board they can choose one, t'other or neither. That way if pax feel like making any sociable comments to others they should only make them to others wearing a green badge, and be wearing a green badge themselves. Of course the cleaning people will have an extra mess from the discarded badges and the peel off backing.
skykingsp210 10
I think it is was great. Creat some fun...... It appears know one has a sense of humor anymore. That is the problem with society today.
Ga Za 5
Cool idea! Let’s live a little. What harm can come from a paper napkin? If you don’t like it, throw it away. But if you do, have some fun with it!
jeff slack 4
who thinks up this sh_ _?
Kobe Hunte 2
good question
n9341c 1
I think it was Don Draper from Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price
David Stark 2
It is getting dangerous to be human on our own planet.
Kobe Hunte 2
it is totally far from "creepy". I would call it unusual but so what!?! if thats how they want to encourage customers, big deal!
MrTommy 2
Big deal . . . .
lynx318 2
"Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know..."
....he may be Hannibal Lecter!
ian mcdonell 4
They are called marketing people - they actually get paid to come up with stupidity like this - it is taught at university - the object is brand recognition to enhance sales - negative publicity like this is better most times for sales that good publicity which most people ignore
Cansojr -2
A lot of this crap is taught through uncredited academic institutions. The degree is commonly useless from these fly by night on line...universities? These are paper mills turning out pointless degrees. The school I attended in Canada is the second oldest academic institution next to the University of William and Mary in the United United States of America. It's amateur hour at the online schools.
Dave Fisher 2
that would be McGill in Montreal :)
Cansojr 0
Nope, it is UNB founded in 1775. That's what the Alumni Magazine brags with about 10 - 15 thousand students and new Medical School. :):)Who
really knows it could be the University in Nfld.
Aidon Jennery 1
airpound69 3
Why are people so mas at this? Are you obligated to write your phone number and give it to someone? No. If you receive a phone number, are you obligated to call it? No. Only people who got mad are the libtards thinking this “encourages harassment” as if people needed a napkin to tell them to flirt with someone else. The fact we are even having to discuss this is fucking ridiculous. Next they will probably push for a ban of pen and paper at bars and airplanes so people cannot give their phone numbers. Funny how libtard women think it’s cool to act like prostitutes but receiving a phone number from a romantic man is deemed absurd.
I am really sick of companies caving into this kind of liberal terrorism! If you don't like the napkin, don't look at it! Grow up snowflake!
Wilbur Wright 3
"If you don't like abortions and gay weddings, don't have them!"
Scott Hickman 5
If you don't like fully automatic weapons, don't buy one, or two or five.
Wilbur Wright 3
Right on! Now we're gettin' somewhere, man!
Five? Why such a low number?
joe vendemia 1
for real though
George Cottay 0
The objections seem conversative to me and without the slightest suggestion of terrorism. Do you enjoy demeaning others because they may be good old fashioned social conservatives? I sure don't!
What is 'conversative'? I am puzzled by your comment. I consider myself a social conservative. 10 years ago, nobody would have considered it necessary to apologize to anyone. Today, if you don't bow and scrape to the critics, they tear you a new one on one or more social media platforms. My comment was not demeaning. It was factual!
209flyboy 1
Holy cow! You can't say anything today that will apparently offend some idiot.. Where are we going with this nonsense? I guess fun stuff is considered taboo these days. Give me a break!!!
mmc7090 1
Remember the pink Martini's and ComAir? Delta had the motto "Good Goes Around. It's one thing to be ignorant but the never learn. How Sad :(
TWA55 1
OMG the world is ending, close down the airline and boycott Coke. Snowflakes, more like total dumb Sh_Ts.Call them for what they are.
WeatherWise 1
Why not issue "Hello My Name Is______" tags as you board and make it even more interesting? Yeah, guess that's just "plane" crazy.
Kobe Hunte 1
quite awkward if you ask me...
alan75035 0
Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere...

[This poster has been suspended.]

AWAAlum 5
Apparently you're in the minority here. And not so incidentally, so am I. I've always found my anonymity to be a pleasant experience when flying to and from destinations. I'd not like to see that time turned into The Dating Game.
If you really think a single one of these napkins resulted in unwanted attention that wouldn't have happened anyway, I'm glad you are in the minority.

If I missed the part of the article explaining how participation was mandated by the FAA, then I sincerely apologize.
AWAAlum 1
I guess I'd have to agree with you if, as you suggest, it would just be a single one of those napkins. (PS. - I don't recall suggesting it was an FAA mandate.)
If you really think (a quantity greater than zero but less than or equal to the total number distributed) of these napkins resulted in unwanted attention that wouldn't have happened anyway, I'm glad you are in the minority.

Better? And while we are being so literal, just how does one fly from a destination, anyway?

(PS. - You suggested the napkins would somehow compromise your anonymity, which by extension would suggest participation was something other than voluntary.... and since the Coca-Cola company lacks that kind of authority, well, I just assumed)
AWAAlum 2
Say good night Gracie
Does this mean you're not going to give me a napkin?
AWAAlum 3
I suppose this means next you're gonna want me to have your baby.
Can this wait until I get home? I've had a really rough day at the office.
lynx318 1
No personal emails in work hours, signed The Boss!
If perhaps you had read the original news story you would see that there were plenty of women making comments and most thought the campaign harmless and even cute.
Suspecting something is a lot different than knowing something. And when did the president grope somebody on a plane?
David Varela 0
I think Its awkward, but in the same time fun. No wonder this world is falling apart. First there was a court official condemning same sex marriages, and got her ass in jail, now there is all this pushback and complaints about a fucking napkin, get a life, it was just a way for Delta to have a little fun, it was harmless.
Bryan Morgan 0
Damn folks, get a grip on it. Next thing you know people will get mad about somebody wearing black face

[This comment was deleted.]

George Cottay 3
Those complaining were mostly of a conservative bent. That does not, though, make them losers. I think the napkins were sorta fun, but would not want to teach our children that we should demean those who don't agree. You apparently do. That's sad.
Actually the ONE person who complained was a childish liberal millennial. In response both liberals and conservatives thought the complaint was ridiculous. Next time try looking up the story before you make false and ridiculous claims. And yes most people (including professed liberals) did demean the twitter user "duck sauce" for his infantile response to a cute ad campaign.
And, you know this how?
Bryan Morgan 0
Scott&Wilbur, I wonder if you would feel the same way if you or your child were killed by that 1,2 or 5
Auto weapons, I think not.
Ron Friedman 0
We were on a flight from Atl to Costa Rica with a good male friend. My wife placed her number and a different name on the napkin. Our friend knew the joke but I did not. we talked about meeting this women for a drink and they pranked me all week.. Loved it.. seems everyone gets offended by everything these days.. Lighten up people. Life is much better if you do.


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