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Southwest Set to Operate First Hawaii Test Flight on Tuesday

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The budget carrier has confirmed it will operate its first test flight to Hawaii on Tuesday, the next step it must take in order to get certified to fly over the ocean to the islands. An airline flying twinjets, like Southwest does, needs to go through an Extended Range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards certification process with the Federal Aviation Administration to launch flights over oceans. The certification, ETOPS for short, is essentially a multi-step process in which… ( עוד...

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Loren Wood 2
If they are cheaper than the other airlines to HNL, I'll fly them. I'm to the point where forget the service, just get me there in one piece and with a smile for the right price.
737man 1
SWA8725 she's on her way
Do they even know how to find it?
Foxtrot789 6
I hear you can just track 250 out of LAX until you hear a ukulele on the ADF...
dee9bee 1
It works going eastbound on the redeye home as well. Just tune in KNX 1070, L.A. They're still doing traffic reports at 0100 local time...Hilarious! You can usually receive it at top of climb.Just don't follow that ADF needle too far. I think their antenna it at the top of Mount Wilson.
Loren Wood 1
4th island to the right.....only if you made it to the right island chain, otherwise land on the 5th whitecap to the left and wait for the coastguard
chalet -2
Look SW chaps, there are a bunch of AirBus 380s laying around eager to fly, and the lease or selling prices are phenomenal; use them instead of sandwiching pax your old fashioned way in good ole 737s. (LIMAO).
Matt West 4
I remember taking a few UAL 747 flights from SFO to HNL back in the late 90s. That was the best way to travel...lots of space and arriving at a beautiful island in a beautiful aircraft.
Mike Mohle 1
They could put something like 800 seats in 380! Don't forget the reverse bulkhead seats too. People would pay extra to sit straight up and facing the rear, for 4 hours.
One Concorde could serve the West Coast daily.
Spencer Hoefer 1
Make it there in 2 hours instead of 5 1/2. I'm in!
william baker 1
And what happens if the Concorde. Oh never mind someone may dislike my comment lol.

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