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SkyLease Cargo Boeing 747-400F Runs Off Runway in Halifax, Sustained Damage

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A SkyLease Cargo Boeing 747-400F cargo plane ran off Halifax Airport's Runway 14. The plane was on flight GG4854 from Chicago-O'Hare, coming to a full stop and reporting considerable damage. No injuries have been registered. ( עוד...

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thomas stephens 2
Well, yes. I would say it sustained damage. Hell, it destroyed the cotton picking airplane dummy!
James Konkel 2
So glad it came to a FULL STOP and didn't continue off airport property and taxi into downtown Halifax.....Yes it could have been much worse but really, who wrote this AND proofread it??????
anobscurereference 2
Wikipedia article on Skylease says that as of December 2017 this A/C was leased from Aercap and the only B747 operated by Skylease. Aircraft can be replaced -- just glad no one was seriously injured.
Bill Sampson 1
Food for thought.
When it comes to aircraft, assuming anything is deadly....
Chris B 1
MultiComm 1
Not sure why Atlas was mentioned in this article. Maybe I am mistaken but I don’t see their name on the registry records at all:
Quidnon 1
Atlas owns the aircraft and it was dry-leased to Skylease, not that the article makes that clear.
MultiComm 1
Wouldn’t the registration data indicate the current owner?
Chris Pedersen 1
a bit of an update all crew taken to hospital
tomasz dabrowski 1
not sure what the weather was like but i read that the 747 landed MT to pick up a load of seafood then on to Japan. My question is even if MT, unless winds were an issue why did it land on the shorter runway 14?
MultiComm 2
This article doesn’t give a whole lot of info but the winds were most certainly NOT favoring this runway ... was anywhere from 5-8 knot tailwind component, wet runway, low ceilings and mist. I’ll leave my opinions off this post but you can guess what they might be.
Michael Baser 1
Why is the landing gear retracted?
Bill Sampson 4
In this case the gear is not retracted, it collapsed
Kevin Haiduk 1
Wow - is that a write off?
Bill Harris 3
Hard to say for sure from the angle of the photo with the article, but it looks like the top line of fuselage has a discontinuity in it between the wings and the empennage.
Torsten Hoff 2
I suspect so. The aircraft is 22 years old and the damage to the fuselage and engines is extensive. They'll probably strip some parts and scrap the rest.
Shenghao Han 2
Yes that poor thing will never fly again... But you bet some of her parts will.
alan75035 1
That'll buff right out.
Brian Drewry 1
I can’t imagine how it would not be written off.
MultiComm 1
The inboard engines were ripped off and the outboards severely damaged. Sitting on its belly with several skin wrinkles to top it off.
Gerald Beaudoin 1
A reliable source told that they salvaged the undercarriage and the rest is to be shredded over the next couple days. Hard to imagine a 747 going through a shredder !
MultiComm 1
They just take a claw attached to a big Caterpillar and start taking bites out of it. There are videos on YouTube ...
Rob Palmer 1
Does anyone know where this plane was headed? Hope it was not an insurance job.
MultiComm 1
I just assumed Halifax was the destination?
tomasz dabrowski 1
was picking up seafood then on to Japan

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